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Capturing Resource Utilization and Outlines
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How It Works
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With Visual Studio 2010, the designer surface is again back with full tooling support for Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4. Now the designer surface allows drag-and-drop data binding support and automatically creates data-bound controls such as ListBox and DataGrid for the data source. You can create databound controls for different services, custom business objects, and SharePoint objects by dragging them from the Data Sources window to the Silverlight Designer surface. Figure 6-2 shows how the tooling screen looks for the DataGrid control.
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11.15. Preventing Selection of (All) in a Report Filter
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Touching the Songs button displays a list of every song on your iPod touch. If you know the name of the song, flick through the list or touch the first letter of the song in the alphabetical list to the right.
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Collections need to implement a set of interfaces to fully participate in data binding, and these interfaces are quite complex. Fortunately, Microsoft provides the BindingList<T> class in the System. ComponentModel namespace, which already implements all the interfaces. To help you fully understand the benefit provided by this class, Table 10-3 lists the interfaces you would otherwise have to implement by hand.
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I came to the iPhone platform not as an experienced developer, seasoned entrepreneur, or even programming hobbyist but as a rabid fan. I happened to be traveling in China in January of 2007 and vividly remember sitting in a Beijing hotel lobby, paying way too much for subpar Internet access and trying desperately to get news on the Macworld keynote. Did Apple actually announce a phone What does it look like Is it a real Apple device, not like the terrible ROKR I bought and quickly returned Fast-forward six months. I d been watching and rewatching that keynote, reading every blog post, and listening to every podcast. I couldn t wait to purchase an iPhone. My brother called me up late in the afternoon on June 28 and asks me to meet him at the Apple Store. We waited almost 24 hours in line, and I ended up being the first person in San Antonio, Texas to purchase an iPhone. After just a few minutes using the device, it became quite apparent to me that Apple had delivered on the promise of revolutionizing the mobile phone. Being an intellectually curious person, I started thinking quite a bit about this little touch screen device and what made it so compelling. Why was I grabbing it instead of my laptop for certain tasks How in the world did my Baby Boomer father take to it like a duck to water when he had struggled for years with computers That curiosity and the successes of burgeoning jailbreak development community got me thinking about what I might want to create if I were to develop an application for the iPhone. Web applications for the iPhone were functional, but they lacked the power and finesse of Apple s native applications. Rumors started floating around that Apple might actually be announcing an official SDK for native iPhone application development. My
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(Convert.ToInt32(timerOutputText.Text) + 1).ToString(); }); } Since the work method happens on a different thread, the Dispatcher must be used to make changes to the user interface. A button on the user interface is again hooked up to a method that starts/stops the timer: private void timerButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (threadTimer != null) { threadTimer.Change(0, Timeout.Infinite); timerButton.Content = "Start Timer"; } else { if (threadTimer != null) threadTimer.Change(Convert.ToInt32(dueTimeTextBox.Text) * 1000, Convert.ToInt32(periodTextBox.Text) * 1000); else threadTimer = new Timer(new TimerCallback(doSomething), null, Convert.ToInt32(dueTimeTextBox.Text) * 1000, Convert.ToInt32(periodTextBox.Text) * 1000); timerButton.Content = "Stop Timer"; } } You instruct the timer to stop by setting the period to Timeout.Infinite. The Change method is used to restart the timer also. This is the only way to interact with the Timer after it has been created, except for destroying it via Dispose.
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Figure 5-38. Finding the centrifugal direction You can find this direction by taking two cross products. First, you need to take the cross product between the direction the car was going to, to reach the current point (lastCarDir), and the direction the car should go to, to reach the next point (carDir). Both directions are indicated in the left part of Figure 5-38. The resulting vector is perpendicular to both and thus sticks out of the paper, making it pretty hard to draw on the image. Next, you take the cross product between this vector and the carDir. This is the centriDir vector and will always point toward the inner side of the curve of the track. The right side of Figure 5-38 shows a more complex 3D situation. This is the coded version of the last few paragraphs: Vector3 carDir = trackPoints[i + 1] - trackPoints[i]; carDir.Normalize(); Vector3 lastCarDir = trackPoints[i] - trackPoints[i - 1]; lastCarDir.Normalize(); Vector3 perpDir = Vector3.Cross(carDir, lastCarDir); Vector3 centriDir = Vector3.Cross(carDir, perpDir); Because the centriDir direction is the inner direction of the curve, the track should be banked perpendicularly to this vector. To take this into account, for each point of your track you will add this vector to your normal vector. This will result in your side vector slowly becoming perpendicular to the centriDir vector. However, during a long turn, this will become too dominant, so you need to add some kind of resetting factor. For this resetting factor, you can use the Up vector, which will cause the normal to reset to the Up vector at the end of a turn: currentNormal = currentNormal + centriDir * banking + Vector3.Up/banking; currentNormal.Normalize();
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// if successful ... try { // ... assign tracking handle of new object to member variable this->sr = sr; // call base class constructor Object::Object(); // code for the constructor's body goes here } // if base class constructor has failed catch (Object^ o) { // ... "undo" initialization of second sub-object delete sr; // ... rethrow for further undoings throw; } } // if base class constructor or initialization of second sub-object failed ... catch (Object^ o) { // ... "undo" initialiization of first sub-object delete fs; // rethrow exception to the code that tried to instantiate FileDumper throw; } } The code shown here ensures that in case of an exception thrown during object construction, all sub-objects created so far will be deleted. This behavior is analogous to the C++ construction model. The following pseudocode shows the implementation of the destruction logic: public ref class FileDumper : IDisposable { public: virtual void Dispose() { Dispose(true); // pseudocode
Figure 7-11. Order of object construction
100/300 m High >100 kilobytes (KB) IEEE 802.11 a, b, and g
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