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Dual Factory Methods
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Some SQL statements and operations support the use of a NOLOGGING clause. This does not mean that all operations against the object will be performed without generating redo log, just that some very specific operations will generate significantly less redo than normal. Note that I said significantly less redo, not no redo. All operations will generate some redo all data dictionary operations will be logged regardless of the logging mode. The amount of redo generated can be significantly less, however. For this example of the NOLOGGING clause, I ran the following in a database running in ARCHIVELOG mode: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select log_mode from v$database; LOG_MODE -----------ARCHIVELOG ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> drop table t; Table dropped. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> variable redo number ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> exec :redo := get_stat_val( "redo size" ); PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create table t 2 as 3 select * from all_objects; Table created. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> exec dbms_output.put_line( (get_stat_val("redo size")-:redo) || " bytes of redo generated..." );
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Whenever you need to retrieve your global BoundingSphere from inside the Tag property, you need to cast it to a BoundingSphere object first, because the Tag property really can store anything, and you need to remind your compiler what you stored in there: BoundingSphere bSphere = (BoundingSphere)myModel.Tag;
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Step 1: Copy Your Library Back to Your Computer
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Getting Started with the Sample Solution
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You ve seen in this chapter how the core structure of the Page object is the control tree. The control tree is exposed by the System.Web.UI.Control type, so all controls you use expose their own control collection. This is how the control tree models the hierarchy of your HTML document. Markup without the runat=server attribute gets flattened into a LiteralControl in this control tree. So the Page object is nothing but a big state machine, and the code you write alters the state of this control tree, so that when the page finally renders, you get the HTML you need. Deployment and compilation are problematic in version 1.x. Microsoft has added several features to the environment to address these issues, including a new deployment tool, dynamic compilation, and the ability to precompile an application in place or before deployment. When you re working with all of the Web Controls, User Controls, and custom controls that may be in the control tree, on top of base types sitting between your pages and the Page type, the timing of processing can become very complex. Several PreEventName and EventNameComplete events have been added to the Framework to help you manage this complexity. Nothing is committed to the output stream until the page renders, so you can make any changes to the control tree that you need until the page does render. The PreRenderComplete event is your last chance to affect the output stream. Because of this control tree infrastructure, data binding can be a memory intensive operation. You have a number a ways to control this rampant consumption, including turning off the ViewState of the bound control. Finally, instead of sending the output stream back to IIS, you saw how you can capture it, and compel it to do your bidding.
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Resources are used in the .NET Framework to embed and deploy supplemental data with an application and to isolate and embed translations for an application. For example, you can embed images, texts, or whole files into an assembly. You can create resources for special languages or cultures, and depending on the selected current culture, an application can load the appropriate text or images. Since a file system does not exist on small devices with the .NET Micro Framework, additional resources provide an elegant way to deploy supplemental data for an application. Visual Studio offers outstanding support for handling resources. The following kinds of resources are available for the .NET Micro Framework: Strings Images Fonts Binary data The following image formats are supported by the .NET Micro Framework: Bitmap JPEG GIF Images with indexed color palettes, as used for 16- and 256-color images, are not supported. Also not supported are images in the PNG and TIFF formats, as well as icons.
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In this chapter, we ll explore my favorite Oracle feature, multi-versioning, and how it affects concurrency controls and the very design of an application. Here we will see that all databases are not created equal and that their very implementation can have an impact on the design of our applications. We ll start by reviewing the various transaction isolation levels as defined by the ANSI SQL standard and see how they map to the Oracle implementation (as well as how the other databases map to this standard). Then we ll take a look at what implications multiversioning, the feature that allows Oracle to provide non-blocking reads in the database, might have for us.
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Getting Started with the Wiki Application
Listing 3-2. Getting a Proper URL from a File Object
In fact, even when you don t name a base class explicitly, C# still adds one. This is because all C# objects are derived, at least indirectly, from the System.Object type, which you can refer to using the object keyword. This means two things in terms of inheritance. The first is that this class definition: class MyClass { // class body } is the same as this one:
7. Go into the SaveImg() EventHandler and change ImgHolder to ImgHolderParent (see my
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