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The first of these games, and Swipe Interactive s first iPhone release, was Quick Draw a game in which players try to identify a word based on another player s sketch of it and compete for points based on how quickly they can get it right. I learned a lot from Quick Draw and proceeded with the second application, called Pole2Pole, which is a game based upon the concept of competing against other online players in pinpointing a location on a map as accurately as possible. In Pole2Pole, we also introduced the ability to play over the local network and made use of the iPhone s gestures to zoom around the screen. Figure 8-1 shows a screenshot of Pole2Pole in action. By the time you finish reading this chapter, you will have learned how to use the iPhone s networking capabilities, which form the basis of the games Swipe Interactive has developed so far, to develop your own multiplayer games. I will guide you through relatively simple tasks such as getting the iPhone to communicate asynchronously with servers to send and receive data, as well as more complex applications such as how to use the Apple Bonjour services to communicate directly from one device to another.
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The STL/CLR Library
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shown in Figure 4-14.
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// Cast is unnecessary; A is the base class of B.
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Enumerations (a.k.a. enumeration types, a.k.a. enums) make up a special subset of value types. All enumerations are derived from the [mscorlib]System.Enum class, which is the only reference type derived from [mscorlib]System.ValueType. Enums are possibly the most primitive of all types that have some structure, and the rules regarding them are the most restrictive. Unlike other value types in their boxed form, enumerators don t show any of the characteristics of a true class. Enums can have only fields as members no methods, properties, or events. Enums cannot implement interfaces; since enums cannot have methods, the question of implementing interfaces is moot. Here is an example of a simple enumeration: .class public enum Color { .field public specialname int32 __value .field public static literal valuetype Color Red = int32(1) .field public static literal valuetype Color Green = int32(2) .field public static literal valuetype Color Blue = int32(3) } Even with the fields the enums have no leeway: an enum must have exactly one instance field and at least one static field. The instance field of an enum represents the value of the current instance of the enum and must be of integer, Boolean, or character type. The type of the instance field is the underlying type of the enum. The enum itself as a value type is completely interchangeable with its underlying type in all operations except boxing. If an operation, other than boxing, expects a Boolean variable as its argument, a variable of a Boolean-based enumeration type can be used instead, and vice versa. A boxing operation, however, always results in a boxed enum and not in a boxed underlying type. The static fields represent the values of the enum itself and have the type of the enum. As values of the enum, these fields must be not only static (shared by all instances of the type) but also literal they represent constants defined in the metadata. The literal fields are not true fields because they do not occupy memory allocated by the loader when the enum is loaded and laid out. ( 9 discusses this and other aspects of fields.)
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Implementing Manual Application Encryption
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ContactList AddContact Reviewers GetReviewers AddContact
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// 2. Base class constructor called
Console.WriteLine("--- Change Event ---"); Console.WriteLine("Affected File Name: {0}", arg.Name); Console.WriteLine("Change type: {0}", arg.ChangeType); } } Listing 20-13 creates a new FileSystemWatcher, providing the directory that will be monitored as a constructor parameter. In this example, a temporary directory is created so that only the changes that the example creates will trigger the events. The FileSystemWatcher class defines four events, which are described in Table 20-15. Table 20-15. System.IO.FileSystemWatcher Events
s Note This is a lesson learned from years of experience with DCOM and MTS/COM+. Exposing large numbers of components, classes, and methods from a server almost always results in a tightly coupled and fragile relationship between clients and the server.
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