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One interesting thing to note from this ps output is the process named oracle ora11g. No matter how hard you look on your system, you will not find an executable by that name. The Oracle binary that is executing is really the binary file $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle.
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The ISet<T> interface allows you to work with different set collection implementations in a consistent manner. The members of the ISet<T> interface are described in Table 19-23. Table 19-23. The Members of the ISet<T> Interface
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InsertRange(int, IEnumerable<string>) RemoveRange(int, int)
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// Declare the event.
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4.17. Applying Conditional Formatting: Using Data Bars
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AutoCompleteSearch Predicate<Object>
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11.7. Changing the Report Filter Selection in Related Tables
I create an instance of the Counter class and then use it as the source in a foreach loop, printing out each value that the loop generates. Compiling and running the previous code and the code in Listing 955 produces the following results: Value: 0 Value: 1 Value: 2 Value: 3 Value: 4 Press enter to finish
Keyword and Operator Reference
float3 upVector = float3(0,1,0); float3 sideVector = float3(1,0,0); float3 finalPosition = center; finalPosition += (inTexCoord.x-0.5f)*sideVector; finalPosition += (0.5f-inTexCoord.y)*upVector; float4 finalPosition4 = float4(finalPosition, 1); float4x4 preViewProjection = mul (xView, xProjection); Output.Position = mul(finalPosition4, preViewProjection); Output.TexCoord = inTexCoord; return Output; } For each vertex, the vertex shader receives the position and texture coordinate you defined in your XNA application. Note that this position is the 3D position of the center of the billboard. The multiplication with the World matrix allows you to define a global World matrix so you can rotate/scale/translate all your billboards at once. The final center position is stored in a variable called center, which will be the same for the six vertices belonging to one billboard. Next, a static Side vector and an Up vector are defined. These are the vectors that will offset the individual vertex from the center of the billboard. Take a look at how you want to offset the six vertices from the center in Figure 3-19, where the two triangles for a billboard are shown. Note the four texture coordinates outside the two triangles and the six vertex indices inside the corners of the triangles.
the first three components by, but what is this third coordinate It actually is the 2D depth. In other words, it is the value that is entered into the z-buffer of the graphics card. It s a value between 0 and 1, where 0 indicates a vertex on the near clipping plane and 1 a vertex at the far clipping plane. Before the pixel shader is called to calculate the color of a pixel, the graphics card first determines whether the pixel should be drawn, based on the current depth value in the z-buffer for that pixel. For more information on the Z buffer, read the last part of recipe 2-1.
The case of a single triangle is useful for showing the principle but does not really show the benefit of backface culling. As mentioned briefly in the introduction to this recipe, backface culling is most interesting when rendering solid objects, such as models or terrains. Let s discuss a cube as an example. However you rotate your cube, at any one moment you will be able to see only three faces of the cube at a time. This means that the other three faces are simply a waste of the processing power of your graphics card. The triangles not facing the camera should not be drawn.
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