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import java.io.*; import java.net.*; import java.util.*;
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Let s start with activity conditions. Activity conditions are local to a particular activity. Generally they are used to indicate whether one specific activity executes. For example, the simplest condition is on a basic IfElse activity. The logic of the activity is pretty straightforward if a certain condition is true, execute the logic in the first branch; otherwise, execute the logic in the second branch. Although this logic can certainly get more complicated, all activity conditions essentially break down to this simple state, and the heart of this logic is the condition that is evaluated. The condition that is evaluated must result in either a true or a false. Each activity that contains this logic will take different actions based on the return value from the condition evaluation, but the expression itself always results in a Boolean evaluation. Conditions can be applied as either of the following: Code Condition: Means that you write code that results in a Boolean value to indicate whether the condition evaluates to true or false, thereby controlling how the activity processes. Declarative Rule Condition: Means that you define the logic that controls how the activity processes utilizing the built-in Condition Editor. Technically, you re still writing code in the Condition Editor, but the code itself is simpler as it consists of basic comparisons between fields, variables, and values.
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iBooks contains a powerful search feature built right in. Just touch the Search icon and then (as in other programs on the iPod touch) the built-in keyboard will pop up. Type in the word or phrase for which you are searching, and a list of chapters is shown where that word occurs. Just touch the selection desired and you will jump to that section in the book. You also have the option of jumping right to Google or Wikipedia by touching the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the search window. NOTE: Using the Wikipedia or Google search will take you out of iBooks and launch Safari.
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When the flow of control reaches jump statements, program execution is unconditionally transferred to another part of the program. The jump statements are the following: break continue return goto throw This chapter covers the first four of these statements. The throw statement is discussed in 11.
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Figure 15-24. Offline Silverlight application 9. Check both the Start menu and Desktop options.
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A parent object is valid only if it and all its child objects are also valid. A parent object is dirty (changed) if it or any of its child objects are dirty. A parent object is busy (has an asynchronous operation running) if it or any of its child objects are busy. When a child object is changed, its changed event (PropertyChanged or ListChanged) results in the parent raising a ChildChanged event, which cascades up through the parent-child chain and is raised by every object, including the root object. All child objects have a reference to their parent, which must be established when the child is attached to the parent and when the object graph is deserialized. The edit levels of the parent and child interact with each other as discussed in 11.
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Synchronization property). The presence of an instance of this property in a context enforces a synchronization domain for the context (and all contexts that share the same instance). This means that at any instant, at most one thread could be executing in all contexts that share this property instance. Table 16-1 describes the synchronization requirement flags. This attribute type has four instance constructors, as described in Table 16-2. System.Runtime.Remoting.Activation.UrlAttribute: This attribute is used at the call site to specify the URL of the site where the activation will happen. The instance constructor has one string parameter, which contains the target URL. Table 16-1. Synchronization Requirement Flags of SynchronizationAttribute
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namespace Csla { [Serializable] public abstract class BusinessListBase<T, C> : Core.ExtendedBindingList<C>, Core.IEditableCollection, Core.IUndoableObject, ICloneable, Core.ISavable, Core.IParent, Server.IDataPortalTarget, IQueryable<C>, Linq.IIndexSearchable<C>, Core.IPositionMappable<C> where T : BusinessListBase<T, C> where C : Core.IEditableBusinessObject Like BusinessBase, BusinessListBase inherits from a base class and implements quite a number of interfaces. It also collaborates with other framework objects to implement the behaviors listed in Table 6-4. Figure 6-8 shows the inheritance hierarchy of BusinessListBase:
each fruit is: namespace OOP { public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); Apple apple = new Apple(); Orange orange = new Orange(); MessageBox.Show ("apple | IsEdible: " + apple.IsEdible + " Color: " + apple.MyFruitColor + " orange | IsEdible: " + orange.IsEdible + " Color: " + orange.MyFruitColor); } } }
Step 1: Define the Problem
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