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// c2 never gets created. c2 = gcnew Class1(); } void F() { Console::WriteLine("Testing F"); } ~A() // Never gets called, even if A is created with stack semantics { Console::WriteLine("A::~A()"); } !A() // Gets called for partially constructed object { Console::WriteLine("A::!A()"); // Don't try to use C2 here without checking for null first. } }; int main() { try { A a; a.F(); // never reached } catch( Exception^ e) { Console::WriteLine("In catch block."); } } The program in Listing 10-6 produces the following output: In catch block. A::!A()
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4. Note where the project was created, as we are about to open it in Blend 4. 5. Open Blend 4, navigate to where you saved the project, and open it. 6. With your project open in Blend 4, double-click MainPage.xaml from the Projects panel,
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This class represents drum roll please a collection of SPWorkflow objects. Go figure. There are two ways to instantiate an SPWorkflowCollection object: By accessing the Workflows property of an SPListItem object. This property returns an SPWorkflowCollection object containing all workflows for the particular list item. By creating a new collection and passing in parameters to specify which workflows you want. There is no way to filter the first method you just get all of the workflows that have run or are running on the SPListItem. The second method has four overrides that allow you to specify different content for the resulting SPWorkflowCollection: public SPWorkflowCollection (SPList list): Specifying an SPList as the parameter will return a collection of all workflows associated with that list. public SPWorkflowCollection (SPListItem item): Specifying an SPListItem as the parameter will return all of the workflows that have run or are running on the SPListItem. public SPWorkflowCollection (SPList list, Guid associationId): Specifying an SPList and a GUID for the particular association that you are interested in will return a collection of all workflow instances based on that association within the specified list. public SPWorkflowCollection (SPListItem item, SPWorkflowState inclusiveFilterStates, SPWorkflowState exclusiveFilterStates): This final override allows you to specify the particular list item to retrieve workflows from as well as a set of filters to narrow down the workflows returned based on the SPWorkflowState specified as either included or excluded. For more information on filters, please see the SPWorkflowFilter class later in this chapter.
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Figure 1-4. Compilation to native code occurs at run time Once the CIL is compiled to native code, the CLR manages it as it runs, performing such tasks as releasing orphaned memory, checking array bounds, checking parameter types, and managing exceptions. For this reason Code written for the .NET Framework is called managed code, and needs the CLR. Code that does not require the CLR is called unmanaged code. Microsoft also supplies a tool called the Native Image Generator, or Ngen, which takes an assembly and produces native code for the processor.
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SQLDataAccessHelper Class
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To Do This
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Declaring an Event
TextBox Button TextBox TextBox NumericUpDown NumericUpDown ToolStripStatusLabel
Data Access
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