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A COM HRESULT is wrapped as an exception. It may appear as a specific exception type, such as OutOfMemoryException for the HRESULT E_OUTOFMEMORY, or, if there is no specific mapping provided, as a COMException, which has an ErrorCode property that has the original HRESULT value.
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Binding the Ports
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Figure 2-5. Handling an event on an object causes a back reference to the form. Even though this back reference isn t visible to developers, it s completely visible to the .NET serialization infrastructure. When serializing an object, the serialization mechanism will trace this reference and attempt to serialize any objects (including forms) that are handling the events. Obviously, this is rarely desirable. In fact, if the handling object is a form, this will fail outright with a runtime error because forms aren t serializable.
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long[3,2,6] SecondArray; Dimension lengths not allowed!
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You've got a brand-new iPod touch and you can't wait to get started. Well, that's what we're here for. We'll take you on a step-by-step tour of your new device and everything you get in the box. And we'll look at how to charge your iPod touch and how to make your battery last longer.To get started, your first step is to connect your IPod touch to iTunes to get it activated and registered.In our "iPod touch Basics" section at the end of this chapter, we'll give you the essentials to get you up and running quickly.
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Encrypting and Decrypting Data
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Restrict the access to a property.
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Any hyperlink ending with .zip Any hyperlink with the text Microsoft in it Selects first input element of type button and changes innerText property to "hello jquery2" Gets all check boxes that are checked All disabled elements All enabled elements
Specification: Web Services Addressing (WS-Addressing) Don Box (Microsoft, editor) and Francisco Curbera (IBM, editor) Specification (March 2003) Located at IBM developerWorks Web services
The DataGrid Control
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