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Figure 11-8. Change the HorizontalAlignment property to Center. Notice now that the ListBox contents change to center alignment. If you go back to MainPage.xaml, by clicking the Return Scope to [UserControl] button located at the very top of the Visual Tree (see Figure 11-9) you see . . . wait, nothing! That is because the ListBox does not have any content yet. To add items, continue with these steps:
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StackPanel panel = new StackPanel(Orientation.Vertical); // Create a single text control and add it to the panel Font font = Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.small); Text text = new Text(font, "I am a racer."); text.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Left; panel.Children.Add(text); // Create an image and add it to the panel Bitmap racer = Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.Racer); Image image = new Image(racer); image.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Left; panel.Children.Add(image); // Create a rectangle shape and add it to the panel Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(); rect.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Left; rect.Fill = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Blue); rect.Width = 100; rect.Height = 50; panel.Children.Add(rect); // Add the panel to the window. mainWindow.Child = panel; // Set the window visibility to visible. mainWindow.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; return mainWindow; } } } For the text and image elements, we did not specify a particular width and height explicitly. Therefore, these controls will cover the whole width of its vertical parent stack panel. The height of an element in a vertical stack panel depends on the content (here, text and a bitmap file) and is calculated as the minimum height that is needed to display the text or bitmap. In these cases, the element s height is equal to the height of the text or bitmap. In the hello world example in Listing 11-14, one Text element was added directly to the main window as a child. The Window class inherits from ContentControl that can have one discrete child that will be extended and will cover the whole client area of the window. In Listing 11-19, the vertical stack panel is the child of the window and covers the whole client area of the window. All elements are aligned to the left side of the vertical stack panel, because the HorizontalAlignment properties of the three elements were set to HorizontalAlignment.Left. The HorizontalAlignment property is provided from the UIElement class and describes how the element content should be aligned if the element is wider than its content. Possible values for the HorizontalAlignment enumeration are Left, Right, Center, and Stretch. Stretch is very similar to Center and will not stretch the content of the text, image, or shape element. If the vertical
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Shared Assemblies and the GAC
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Note For demonstrative purposes, I ll use the DrawUserPrimitive method here, although it is the less
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That is the whole annotation declaration; it is like a class definition. It is for the predefined annotation Deprecated, to be described shortly.
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Request/Response with Notification: The client sends a request message to a service, and the service takes a significant amount of time to process the request, meaning more than you would expect if you were receiving a timely response message. The service does not reply back to the client until the processing of the request is complete. The client is responsible for waiting for the response. This model describes classic asynchronous communication. It also describes what I call the pseudoasynchronous communication that is supported by standard ASP.NET Web services. (I will provide more discussion on this issue later in this chapter.) One-way, or Notification: The service endpoint receives a request message, but does not generate a response message. This model is not widely used. Solicit/Response: The reverse of Request/Response, whereby the service endpoint sends the client a solicitation request and receives a response. This model is not widely used.
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Replace(string, string)
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// With a block if( x >= 20 ) { x = x 5; y = x + z; }
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(see Figure 6-2), which determines the version of each specification in use at every level of the Web Service infrastructure, from discovery down to the format of the message on the wire at runtime.
Aggregating Data
Figure 3-19. The PTracker and Security databases in Server Explorer You can also create tables within Server Explorer: just right-click the Tables node under the database, and choose New Table. This will bring up a table designer in VS .NET, with which you can define the columns for the new table.
XML Structure
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