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Note Although the .NET Micro Framework 2.5 SDK was released months after Visual Studio 2008, the
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This page lists all the projects associated with this user. If you haven t created a project yet, click the adding services to the project link. In the previous example, I have a project called PDC08CTP; click this and you will then be taken to the project services screen (Figure 16-10). Here, if you haven t already, click the New Service link and add a new hosted service (in the screen shot mine is called Introducing VS2010). Then click on it.
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The last thing to really demonstrate in the API here is Bindings. First off is the primary reason to use Bindings: they offer the means of passing Java objects into the scripting world. While you can certainly get the Bindings object for a ScriptEngine and work with it as a Map, the ScriptEngine interface has get() and put() methods that work directly with the bindings of the engine. The FlipBindings class in Listing 9-3 shows the indirect use of the Bindings class. The program accepts a single command-line argument, which is passed into the JavaScript engine via a binding. In turn, the JavaScript reverses the string and passes the results out as a different binding. The reversed string is then displayed to the user.
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To invoke a generic method, supply type arguments with the method invocation, as shown here: Type parameters MyMethod<short, int>(); MyMethod<int, long >(); Figure 19-11 shows the declaration of a generic method called DoStuff, which takes two type parameters. Below it are two invocations of the method, with different sets of type parameters. Each invocation produces a different version of the method, as shown on the right of the figure.
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Using the Technique in XNA
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segments into hundreds or thousands of smaller segments, and then leave things at that. How does that help Let s walk through a couple of scenarios in large-scale data manipulation, and hopefully that will demonstrate the point.
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It is relatively trivial to have the Roles object notify RoleList to tell it that the data has changed. In such a case, RoleList can simply invalidate its cache so the data is reloaded on the next request. Again, the implementation of this behavior is shown in 18. From an object model perspective, however, this means that there is interaction between Roles and RoleList. From a CRC perspective, this means that Roles collaborates with RoleList to expire the cache when appropriate.
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CHAPTER 22: Social Networking
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Rotation ScaleX
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delegate Factory
You can perform operations on chars as you would with other built-in types, and for the most part, you will get expected results. For example, the assignment operator used in Listing 16-1 assigns the character represented by the literal value a to a char variable. You can compare two characters using the comparison operator, as illustrated by Listing 16-3. Listing 16-3. Using the Comparison Operator on char Values using System; class Listing 03 { static void Main(string[] args) { char myChar = 'a'; if (myChar == 'b') {
// Version 2
We ll start with the Office 2007 client applications and then cover the server-side elements of the Office 2007 System.
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