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The vectors for the Forward (0,0,-1) and Up (0,1,0) directions used previously are the official XNA vectors for these directions and can also be obtained using the Vector3.Forward and Vector3.Up shortcuts. They are only a convention, however; if you want, you can define a totally different coordinate system for your application. An example would be to use (0,0,1) as the Up direction, (0,1,0) as the Forward direction, and (1,0,0) as the Right direction, but it is totally up to you to decide what coordinate axes you want to use for your project. There is, however, one rule the three vectors have to obey. In XNA, the x-, y-, and z-axes are expected to form a right-handed (RH) coordinate system. This means that once you know two axes, you can always find the direction of the third axis. Stretch your thumb and your index finger of your right hand. Next, bend your middle finger for 90 degrees so it is perpendicular to your index finger and thumb. Now imagine your three fingers are the axis of your coordinate system. If you have an RH coordinate system, there must be a way you map the x-axis of your
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FromDays(double) FromHours(double) FromMinutes(double) FromSeconds(double) FromMilliseconds(double) FromTicks(double)
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Figure 16-2. The anatomy of a string literal The statement in Listing 16-5 uses a string literal to create a string object with the value of Introduction of C# and assigns it to a string variable called myString.
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Figure 10-1. The anatomy of a delegate The first two parts of a delegate are simple. First, all delegates require the delegate keyword. Second, delegates, like all types, can have access modifiers. See 6 for a description of how these modifiers apply to classes; they have the same effect on delegates. The delegate name is the name by which we will refer to the type we have created. This is equivalent to the class name. The name of the delegate type in Listing 10-1 is PerformCalc. The remaining parts of the delegate specify the kind of method that instances of this delegate can represent. In Listing 10-1, instances of the delegate can represent methods that return an int and that have two int parameters. As we look at each part of the delegate in Listing 10-1, it is important to bear in mind that when we define a new delegate, we are defining a new type. What we are saying is, Here is a new type that can be used to refer to a specific kind of method. Delegates can be hard to understand, and if you find yourself getting lost in this chapter, you should come back to the previous sentence. You can define a new delegate type in the same places as you can create a new class in a namespace, class, or struct. Once we have defined a new delegate type, we can create an instance of it and initialize it with a value. Listing 10-2 contains a demonstration.
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3. When the New Storyboard dialog box appears, leave the default name of Storyboard1 and
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Product prod2 = prod;
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The AM/PM designator. The year in two- or four-digit format.
SerializationFormatter PropertyChangedMode
Getting to the Sync Setup Screen (Info Tab)
[System.Web.Services.WebMethod] [System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptMethod] public static string GetHtml(string contextKey) {
Mathematicians will be glad of the addition of the new Complex type: a structure for representing and manipulating complex numbers, meaning that they will no longer have to utilize open source libraries or projects. Complex represents both a real and imaginary number, and contains support for both rectangular and polar coordinates: Complex c1 = new Complex(8, 2); Complex c2 = new Complex(8, 2); Complex c3 = c1 + c2; And I am afraid my math skills aren t up to saying much more about this type, so let s move on.
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