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Figure 9-1. Parent with single child A parent object may also contain a child collection, as shown in Figure 9-2.
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An attribute is a language construct that allows you to add metadata to a program s assembly. It is a special type of class for storing information about program constructs. The program construct to which you apply an attribute is called its target. Programs designed to retrieve and use metadata, such as object browsers, are said to be consumers of the attributes. There are attributes that are predefined in .NET, and you can also declare custom attributes. Figure 24-3 is an overview of the components involved in using attributes, and illustrates the following points about them: You apply attributes to program constructs in the source code. The compiler takes the source code and produces metadata from the attributes, and places that metadata in the assembly. Consumer programs can access the metadata of the attributes along with the metadata for the rest of the components of the program. Notice that the compiler both produces and consumes attributes.
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A static class cannot be instantiated. In other words, the new keyword cannot be used to create objects from a static class. All of the members in a static class must also be static. For more details of static methods, see 9, and for static fields, see 7. Static classes are usually used to contain a set of related utility methods. Listing 6-29 contains an example of a static class.
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Figure 2-4. Use Custom Lists When Sorting.
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In the sample solution, the security token service provider is implemented in the same Web service project as the business Web service itself, which contains the service methods that are of interest to the client. All of the work to obtain a security context token will be wasted if you do not implement and enforce a policy requirement in the business Web service to ensure that all incoming requests are signed and encrypted. You also have to ensure that outgoing responses back to the client are properly signed and encrypted. In the case of a secure conversation, the signing and encryption is accomplished with a security context token. However, the implementation code is generically written for all security scenarios, so you will be covered for standard security tokens, as well as secure context tokens. (Recall that all security tokens derive from the same base class.) Listing 8-5 demonstrates how to implement checks for digital signatures and encryption on incoming service requests to a business Web method called RequestQuote. It also shows how to implement digital signing and encryption on outgoing responses back to the client. Listing 8-5. The RequestQuote Method with Request and Response Encryption
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The Properties and References items are standard Visual Studio 2005 stuff. There are also a couple of references to the SharePoint assemblies added for us. Before opening it, right-click on the Workflow1.cs file and rename it to DocCleanerWF.cs. Click Yes if Visual Studio prompts you to update references to our renamed file.
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#import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface HUDViewController : UIViewController { UIImageView *selectedPod; UIView *hud; CGPoint dragOffset; BOOL hudIsDragging; }
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An anonymous method does not explicitly declare a return type. The behavior of the implementation code itself, however, must match the delegate s return type by returning a value of that type. If the delegate has a return type of void, then the anonymous method code cannot return a value. For example, in the following code, the delegate s return type is int. The implementation code of the anonymous method must therefore return an int on all pathways through the code. Return type of delegate type delegate int OtherDel(int InParam); static void Main()1 { OtherDel del = delegate(int x) { return x + 20 ; }; ... }
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Generic Delegates
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CreateQuery() CreateQuery(Of TResult)() Execute() Execute(Of TResult)()
"Or, the most important question, what kind of music can we create with a totally mobile sound studio which is always with you, is able to listen, is able to detect if you are moving or not, how you move and where you are on this planet, and also has a always on network connection "
So far, you know that local variables and parameters are kept on the stack. Let s look at that organization a little further. When a method is called, memory is allocated at the top of the stack to hold a number of data items associated with the method. This chunk of memory is called the stack frame for the method. The stack frame contains memory to hold the following: The return address that is, where to resume execution when the method exits Those parameters that allocate memory that is, the value parameters of the method, and the parameter array if there is one Various other administrative data items relevant to the method call
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