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Which Features of the Native Library Should Be Exposed
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Figure 11-21. Display element class hierarchy Listing 11-17. The Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.UIElement Class using using using using Microsoft.SPOT; Microsoft.SPOT.Input; Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Media; System;
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Understanding XML
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public IIncomes[] Incomes { get { if( _incomes == null) { throw new PropertyNotDefined( "BaseTaxation.Incomes"); } return _incomes; } set { _incomes = value; } } public IDeductions[] Deductions { get { if( _deductions == null) { throw new PropertyNotDefined( "BaseTaxation.Deductions"); } return _deductions; } set { _deductions = value; } } public abstract Decimal CalculateTax(); } The class BaseTaxation has the scope public abstract and implements the interface ITaxation. The properties Incomes and Deductions are implemented in the class and provide the base logic for all taxation implementations. The C# compiler will require the method CalculateTax to be implemented and is therefore declared as abstract. The use of the keyword abstract is targeted and makes it simpler to implement a base logic. When using the abstract keyword in the context of a class, it means that the class can be subclassed, but can t be instantiated. This is appropriate because the defined base class is a helper class and not a full implementation. It s absolutely vital to remember this; otherwise the class might be inappropriately instantiated. Consider any implemented method in the base class as a method that all derived implementations will use without change. And consider any implemented method as an implementation that is structural and has less to do with application process logic. When implementing an interface in a default base class, all methods have to be implemented, even though the methods might not be relevant for the default base class. For example, the class BaseTaxation requires the implementation of the method CalculateTax. As the default base class doesn t actually provide a default implementation for the methods, the appropriate choice for each method is to use the keyword abstract. By using this keyword on a method, the method doesn t have to be implemented, but requires any subclass to implement the method. Default base classes are a very powerful mechanism used by controller classes. But they aren t limited to controller classes and can be used in different contexts where a basic functionality is required. Default base classes will often be exposed using the internal keyword, even though the class BaseTaxation is public in scope. The scope identifier depends on how many implementations will use the default base class. All implementations of ITaxation will subclass BaseTaxation, as the properties are useful for all implementations and the public scope is appropriate.
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Because the data portal takes care of these details, you can simply use the state properties without worrying about maintaining them yourself.
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// Queue the button press to the input provider site. sink.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(sink.callback, report); } } } } This GPIOButtonInputProvider class uses a button pad to associate the pins to buttons. By default, this class uses the pin configuration of the emulator. You need to associate the particular pins of your device as described in the device manual to buttons. The button pin associations for the emulator look like this: ButtonPad[] buttons = new ButtonPad[] { // Associate the buttons to the pins as setup // in the emulator/hardware new ButtonPad(this, Button.Left , Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin0), new ButtonPad(this, Button.Right , Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin1), new ButtonPad(this, Button.Up , Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin2), new ButtonPad(this, Button.Select, Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin3), new ButtonPad(this, Button.Down , Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin4), }; Your device might have more or fewer buttons on its surface than listed here; the buttons represented by the Button enumeration in Listing 11-35 are applicable. Listing 11-35. Possible Buttons namespace Microsoft.SPOT.Input { public enum Button { None = 0, Menu = 1, Select = 2, Up = 3, Down = 4, Left = 5, Right = 6, Play = 7, Pause = 8, FastForward = 9, Rewind = 10, Stop = 11, Back = 12, Last = 13, Home = 13, } }
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@rows int AS DECLARE @index int SELECT @index = 1 WHILE (@index < @rows) BEGIN DELETE UserTable WHERE [UserID] = @index SELECT @index = @index + 1 END go --truncate table UserTable DECLARE @NUMBER_OF_TEST_ROWS INT SET @NUMBER_OF_TEST_ROWS = 100000 EXEC BatchInsert @NUMBER_OF_TEST_ROWS select * from UserTable where FirstName like 'Henry%' EXEC BatchUpdate @NUMBER_OF_TEST_ROWS EXEC BatchDelete @NUMBER_OF_TEST_ROWS
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