Understanding ASP.NET Authentication Options in C#

Encoding 2d Data Matrix barcode in C# Understanding ASP.NET Authentication Options

Custom Routing
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Business logic is put in a Web Presentation layer to give the user a more interactive experience and put into a Windows UI for the same reason. The business logic is rechecked in the web UI (on the web server) because the browser isn t trustworthy. And database administrators put the logic into the database (via stored procedures and other database constructs) because they don t trust any application developers! The result of all this validation is a lot of duplicated code, all of which has to be debugged, maintained, and somehow kept in sync as the business needs (and thus logic) change over time. In the real world, the logic is almost never really kept in sync, and so developers must constantly debug and maintain the code in a near-futile effort to make all of these redundant bits of logic agree with each other. One solution is to force all of the logic into a single layer, thereby making the other layers as dumb as possible. There are various approaches to this, although (as you ll see) none of them provide an optimal solution.
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Starting with Oracle 9i s flashback query feature, however, we can tell Oracle to execute a query as of (with certain reasonable limitations on the length of time you can go back into the past, of course). With this, you can see read consistency and multi-versioning even more directly.
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Sample Size
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as the World matrix. The ViewProjection matrix is found by multiplying the View and the Projection matrices. That s why you re specifying both matrices as the second and third arguments.
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Defines whether the binding binds to the data source by ignoring ICollectionView settings on the data source. The default value is false. This is used to easily perform a custom conversion of the data on its way to or from the data source. This is useful for changing how data appears in the user interface while still maintaining proper data format for the data source. This is used to specify the culture the converter uses. If the value is null reference, then the culture is determined by the FrameworkElement.Language property.
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Non-Repeatable Read
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Figure 7-10. Using pattern matching and multiple-plume masks Listing 7-3. A Simple Method for Finding the Highest Fire in Each Row
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There are several other important things you need to know about comments: Nested comments are not allowed. Only one comment can be in effect at a time. The comment that starts first is in effect until the end of its scope. The scope for particularly comment types is as follows: For single-line comments, the end of the current line For delimited comments, the first end delimiter encountered The following attempts at comments are incorrect: Opens the comment /* This is an attempt at a nested comment. /* Ignored because it is inside a comment Inner comment */ Closes the comment because it is the first end delimiter encountered */ Syntax error because it has no opening delimiter Opens the comment Ignored because it is inside a comment // Single-line comment /* Nested comment */ Incorrect because it has no opening delimiter
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