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Declarative Fault Handling
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Default Image Importer Texture Content Object ExtendedTextureProcessor TextureContent Object
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When searching for items in a BusinessListBase- or ReadOnlyListBase-based list, CSLA .NET is capable of doing an optimized search using an internal index if your child class marks the properties you are searching on as Indexable. When either of the main collection classes in CSLA .NET encounters a child class with an Indexable attribute on a property, an internal index is built the first time a search using LINQ is conducted on that class. In cases where the property that is considered Indexable is IComparable, the indexing mechanism is a red-black tree. In cases where the property to be indexed is not IComparable (such as Color), the indexing mechanism is based on Dictionary(Of T). Common IComparable property types that tend to be indexed are String, Integer, and DateTime, although others with custom IComparable implementations are possible.
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Figure 5-26. Properties of an imported XML file If the XML file contains an object of a class that the content pipeline knows how to serialize and deserialize to/from a binary file, you can immediately load the object into a variable in your LoadContent method. In this recipe, however, the MapData class is a custom class, so you ll have to define your own TypeWriter.
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Step 9: Test
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Essentially, with the full subscription, pretty much every episode of every TV show you watch or have ever watched is now available to stream to your iPod touch. Launch the app and you will five icons at the bottom: Free Gallery, Featured, Popular, Search, and More. Scroll through the Free Gallery to see which shows are available now for free viewing. Touch a show and it immediately begins playing. Hold the iPod touch in landscape mode to have the video fill up the screen.
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In the following example, class ColorCollection has two enumerable iterators one enumerating the items in forward order and the other enumerating them in reverse order. Notice that although it has two methods that return enumerables, the class itself is not enumerable since it doesn t implement GetEnumerator. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; // You need this namespace.
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Unfortunately, Windows developers are plagued with the infamous code Copy and Paste sticker. There is some truth to this sticker, because many books reference this behavior as something to avoid.6 What is odd is that if so many references exist to copying and pasting code, why do it in the first place The answer is because it can provide advantages, and it s easy.
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