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Table 4-5 lists the types required, in addition to Csla.Server.DataPortal and Csla.Server. SimpleDataPortal, to support transactional technologies in the data portal. Table 4-5. Types Required to Implement Transactional Support
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2. Allen Holub, Holub on Patterns: Learning Design Patterns By Looking at Code (Berkeley: Apress, 2004), p. 41.
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PGA memory management modes are controlled by the database initialization parameter WORKAREA_SIZE_POLICY and may be altered at the session level. This initialization parameter defaults to AUTO, for automatic PGA memory management when possible in Oracle9i Release 2 and above. In Oracle9i Release 1, the default setting was MANUAL.
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Let s first add the send functionality for those orders whose pricing is below $1,000 and so will not need further approval. You re not really interested in taking any kind of business action against those particular orders; you just want to move them along the process. You ll do that by adding a send port to the Else branch of your Decision shape. 1. Drag a Send shape out to the whiteboard, just below the Else shape. 2. In the Properties window, change the Message property by selecting order from the drop-down list. 3. Right-click the rightmost port surface and add a new configured port. Name the outbound port MinorOrderOut. This port will be a one-way send port that will have its port bindings specified later. Make sure you select sending for the port direction. 4. Connect the MinorOrderOut port to the Send shape, as shown in Figure 11-7.
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ith the introduction of LINQ, the entire language for how we interact with collections of objects, data, XML files, and any other IEnumerable(Of T) structure has been updated. LINQ provides a unified language a single syntax for dealing with diverse structures. It opens many exciting possibilities for reducing the volume of source code. In this chapter, I will show you how to take advantage of the features in LINQ to CSLA in order to reduce the amount of source code you write dealing with CSLA collections. I will then explain the implementation of features in LINQ to CSLA, including indexing and making the results of LINQ queries bindable.
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The question in the heading is one I get asked all the time. Everyone is looking for the fast = true switch, assuming database tuning means that you tune the database. In fact, it is my experience that more than 80 percent (frequently 100 percent) of all performance gains are to be realized at the application design and implementation level not the database level. You can t tune a database until you have tuned the applications that run on the database. As time goes on, there are some switches we can throw at the database level to help lessen the impact of egregious programming blunders. For example, Oracle 8.1.6 added a new parameter, CURSOR_SHARING=FORCE. This feature implements an auto binder, if you will. It will silently take a query written as SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE EMPNO = 1234 and rewrite it for us as SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE EMPNO = :x. This can dramatically decrease the number of hard parses, and decrease the library latch waits we discussed in the Architecture sections but (there is always a but) it can have some side effects. A common side effect with cursor sharing is something like this:
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Design Patterns for Building Message-Oriented Web Services
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Ultimately, a list of column, property, or field names will be retrieved from the data source, whether that be a DataView, an array or collection, simple types (such as int or string) or complex types (such as a struct or an object). In the end, all data sources implement the IList interface that s defined in the .NET Framework. However, sometimes some digging is required to find that interface; or it must be added by creating a collection. Some data source objects, such as a DataSet, don t expose IList directly. Instead, they expose IListSource, which can be used to get an IList. In the case of simple types such as a string or a business object, an ArrayList is created and the item is placed inside it, thus providing an IList with which to work.
Optionally, you can further configure a component in the XML file. In the previous example (Listing 12-6), the resolution and color depth of the LCD are specified. If you look at the Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Lcd.LcdDisplay class (see Listing 12-7) from the Microsoft.SPOT. Emulator.dll assembly, you can see that the configurable parameters (from Listing 12-6) exactly refer to the public properties, having read and write access. The default constructor of the class must ensure that the properties are initialized properly if the configuration is not specified in the XML configuration file, so the component is always in a valid state. Listing 12-7. The Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Lcd.LcdDisplay Class using Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator; using System; namespace Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Lcd { public class LcdDisplay : EmulatorComponent { public LcdDisplay(); protected LcdDisplay(int w, int h, int bpp); public int BitsPerPixel { get; set; } public int Height { get; set; } public int Width { get; set; } public event OnDevicePaintEventHandler OnDevicePaint; public override bool IsReplaceableBy(EmulatorComponent ec); public override void SetupComponent(); } }
Given that rules follow a specific pattern, it is possible to define a method signature that covers virtually all business rules. In .NET, a method signature can be formally defined using a delegate; here s the definition for a rule method: Public Delegate Function RuleHandler(ByVal target As Object, _ ByVal e As RuleArgs) As Boolean Every rule is implemented as a method that returns a Boolean result: True if the rule is satisfied, False if the rule is broken. The object containing the data to be validated is passed as the first argument, and the second argument is a RuleArgs object that you can use to pass extra rule-specific information. This means that a business rule in a business class looks like this: Private Shared Function CustNameRequired(ByVal target As Object, _ ByVal e As RuleArgs) As Boolean If String.IsNullOrEmpty(DirectCast(target, Customer).Name) Then e.Description = "Customer name required" Return False Else Return True End If End Function If the length of the target object s Name property is zero, then the rule is not satisfied, so it returns False. It also sets the Description property of the RuleArgs object to a human-readable description of why the rule is broken. This illustrates a rule that you could implement within a single business class. By using reflection, you could write entirely reusable rule methods that any business class can use. You ll see some
So, assuming that WORKAREA_SIZE_POLICY is set to AUTO and PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET has a nonzero value, you will be using the new (as of Oracle 9i) automatic PGA memory management. You can turn it on in your session via the ALTER SESSION command or at the system level via the ALTER SYSTEM command.
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Enables easy reuse of an open database connection, making the use of TransactionScope transactions more practical Enables easy reuse of a LINQ to SQL data context, making the use of TransactionScope transactions more practical Wraps any IDataReader (such as SqlDataReader) and converts all null values from the database into non-null empty or default values Maps data from an IDictionary to an object s properties, or from one object s properties to another object s properties Implements a DateTime data type that understands both how to translate values transparently between DateTime and string representations and the concept of an empty date
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