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The Return Statement and Void Methods
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if (token == null) throw new ApplicationException("Unable to obtain security token."); // Step 2: Create a SecurityTokenServiceClient that will // get the SecurityContextToken string secureConvEndpoint = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["tokenIssuer"]; SecurityContextTokenServiceClient STSClient = new SecurityContextTokenServiceClient(new Uri( secureConvEndpoint )); // Step 3: Retrieve the issuerToken (the server certificate // from the client's CurrentUserStore) X509SecurityToken issuerToken = null; string ServerBase64KeyId = "bBwPfItvKp3b6TNDq+14qs58VJQ="; // Open the CurrentUser Certificate Store X509CertificateStore store; store = X509CertificateStore.CurrentUserStore( X509CertificateStore.MyStore ); // Place the key ID of the certificate in a byte array // This KeyID represents the Wse2Quickstart certificate included with // the WSE 2.0 Quickstart samples X509CertificateCollection certs = store.FindCertificateByKeyIdentifier( Convert.FromBase64String( ServerBase64KeyId ) ); if (certs.Count > 0) { // Get the first certificate in the collection issuerToken = new X509SecurityToken( ((X509Certificate) certs[0]) ); } // Step 5: Request the security context token, use the client's // signing token as the base SecurityContextToken sct = STSClient.IssueSecurityContextTokenAuthenticated(token, issuerToken); // Step 6: Use the security context token to sign and encrypt a request // to the Web service SoapContext requestContext = serviceProxy.RequestSoapContext; requestContext.Security.Tokens.Add( sct ); requestContext.Security.Elements.Add( new MessageSignature( sct ) ); requestContext.Security.Elements.Add( new EncryptedData( sct ) ); // Step 7: Call the Web service RequestQuote() method Console.WriteLine("Calling {0}", serviceProxy.Url); Quote strQuote = serviceProxy.RequestQuote("MSFT");
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The Boxing Conversions
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Unlike native types, reference types do not automatically get a copy constructor and an assignment operator. They may be created explicitly if required. These functions don t always make sense for reference types, which normally don t represent a value that can be copied or assigned. Value types can be copied and assigned automatically. They behave as if they have copy constructors and assignment operators that copy their values.
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mirrorPlane = new Plane(p0, p1, p2); } Each time the position of the camera is changed, you ll need to update the mirrorViewMatrix and the clipPlane variables, because they depend on the normal View matrix: private void UpdateMirrorViewMatrix() { Vector3 mirrorCamPosition = MirrorVector3(mirrorPlane, fpsCam.Position); Vector3 mirrorTargetPosition = MirrorVector3(mirrorPlane, fpsCam.TargetPosition); Vector3 camUpPosition = fpsCam.Position + fpsCam.UpVector; Vector3 mirrorCamUpPosition = MirrorVector3(mirrorPlane, camUpPosition); Vector3 mirrorUpVector = mirrorCamUpPosition - mirrorCamPosition; mirrorViewMatrix = Matrix.CreateLookAt(mirrorCamPosition, mirrorTargetPosition, mirrorUpVector); } private Vector3 MirrorVector3(Plane mirrorPlane, Vector3 originalV3) { float distV3ToPlane = mirrorPlane.DotCoordinate(originalV3); Vector3 mirroredV3 = originalV3 - 2 * distV3ToPlane * mirrorPlane.Normal; return mirroredV3; } private void UpdateClipPlane() { Matrix camMatrix = mirrorViewMatrix * fpsCam.ProjectionMatrix; Matrix invCamMatrix = Matrix.Invert(camMatrix); invCamMatrix = Matrix.Transpose(invCamMatrix); Vector4 mirrorPlaneCoeffs = new Vector4(mirrorPlane.Normal, mirrorPlane.D); Vector4 clipPlaneCoeffs = Vector4.Transform(-mirrorPlaneCoeffs, invCamMatrix); clipPlane = new Plane(clipPlaneCoeffs); }
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Two Simple Rules to Improve Your Contact List
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Equals(T, T)
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we think are the most important topics relevant to designing intuitive, natural and elegant iPhone applications. Along the way we ll tell you about the techniques we used to design Postage and give you examples of how we applied the theory presented to our application. Topics include: Focus Flow Context Technique Tools Discussed : Photoshop Motion Core Animation
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Pulling out these nouns, along with those that are likely to be just data fields (such as project name and employee ID), you can come up with a smaller list of likely business objects, allowing you to start creating a basic class diagram or organizing the classes using CRC cards. Table 6-2 lists the high-level CRC data for each potential object.
Now that you ve seen all five components of code that need to be implemented to use an event, I can show you the full MyTimerClass class that the code has been using. Most things about the class have been pretty clear it has an event called Elapsed that can be subscribed to and a method called OnOneSecond that is called every second and raises the event. The one question remaining about it is, What causes OnOneSecond to be called every second The answer is that I ve created method OnOneSecond and subscribed it as an event handler to an event in a class called Timer, in the System.Timers namespace. The event in Timer is raised every 1,000 milliseconds and calls event handler OnOneSecond, which in turn raises event Elapsed in class MyTimerClass. Figure 16-5 shows the structure of the code.
Whenever you use C++/CLI, whether it is for migrating projects, wrapping native libraries, or other reasons, the choice of the compilation model is probably the most important choice. You should have a detailed knowledge about each compilation model and its advantages, restrictions, and usage cases. At first glance, the compilation models /clr and /clr:pure seem similar. Both give you backward compatibility with C++. Using both compilation models, you can compile existing code to managed code. Also, both compilation models support the full native type system. However, there are important differences that make each compilation model the tool of choice for a distinct set of use cases. Table 7-1 shows how you can mix the compilation models at link time. Notice that the compilation model /clr:pure cannot be combined with the compilation model /clr or the native compilation model. This enables the compilation model /clr:pure to ensure that assemblies contain only managed code. Also notice in Table 7-1 that the compilation model /clr is link-compatible with the native compilation model. Table 7-1. Mixing Compilation Models
The Top Events section shows the top events waited for in the interval covered by the report, what percentage of time they were active, and what specific resources were contended for. For example, 5.18 percent of the db file sequential read event is specifically accounted for by one block, which is identified by the file number and block number (indicated by P1 and P2). Figure 3-1 shows an example of the Top Events section.
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