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When we speak of XML as a language, bear in mind that we use it in the context that XML is a vocabulary of description. Your initial perception may be that you would use the language as a method of communication, and that is partly true. XML is what is generally referred to as a markup language, in that it describes (or marks up) embedded or referenced data. We ll explore that concept in a moment, but first some context. XML is relatively new in the technology timeline. It is the child of former markup languages, beginning with IBM s GML: Generalized Markup Language (GML) was developed in the late 1960s as a markup technology by IBM. It s generally accepted as the forefather of XML, wherein the concept of document structure is dictated by distinct structural elements. Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) built on the advances of GML and introduced a key innovation to the markup world: document structure validation. During the mid-1970s throughout the 1980s, SGML became quite popular as the document structure of choice for numerous industries. Most notably, the US Army required that all contractors submit their documentation in SGML format only. While the markup language is quite powerful, it is also extremely difficult to manipulate.
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Overflow arithmetical operations are similar to the arithmetical operations described in the preceding section except that they work with integer operands only and generate an Overflow exception if the result does not fit the target type. The ILAsm notation for the overflow arithmetical operations contains the suffix .ovf following the operation kind. The type compatibility list, shown in Table 13-3, is similar to the list shown in Table 13-2.
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Once the child object has been created and added to the parent, the UI code can access the child via the parent s interface. Typically, the parent will provide a default property that allows the UI to access child objects directly. Though the factory method is called by the parent object rather than the UI code, this is the same process that s used to create a root object. The same is true if the object needs to load itself with default values from the database. 1. The factory method (Friend scope) is called. 2. The factory method calls DataPortal.Create() to get the child business object. 3. The data portal uses its channel adapter and message router functionality as described in 4; the result is that the data portal creates a new instance of the business object. 4. The child object can do basic initialization in the constructor method. 5. The DataPortal_Create() method is called, and this is where the child object implements data access code to load its default values.
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Compiling and running Listing 22-1 produces the following results, which shows that it takes 7,662 milliseconds to run on my computer: Result: 2305843005992468481 Operation took: 7662 Press enter to finish The members of the StopWatch class are described in Table 22-2. Table 22-2. Members of the StopWatch Class
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Place your thumb and forefinger close together at the section of the web page you wish to zoom into. Slowly pinch out, separating your fingers. You will see the web page zoom in. It takes a couple of seconds for the web page to focus, but it will zoom in and be very clear in a short while. To zoom out to where you were before, just start with your fingers apart and move them slowly together; the page will zoom out to its original size.
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// Error: initialization is required. // Error: assignment is not allowed.
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// Calls set accessor // Calls get accessor
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Now, a configuration file or additional command-line options can be added with the project file of an emulator (see Listing 12-27). In this way, each emulator can be configured separately, and the information will be added to the registry when building the emulator with Visual Studio. Listing 12-27. MFEmulator1.csproj <Project DefaultTargets="Build" xmlns=""> <PropertyGroup> <Configuration Condition=" '$(Configuration)' == '' ">Debug</Configuration> <Platform Condition=" '$(Platform)' == '' ">AnyCPU</Platform> <ProductVersion>8.0.50727</ProductVersion> <SchemaVersion>2.0</SchemaVersion> <ProjectGuid>{8CFAAB2C-BCA4-4217-AA52-2FB2F48C11A9}</ProjectGuid> <OutputType>WinExe</OutputType> <AppDesignerFolder>Properties</AppDesignerFolder> <RootNamespace>MFEmulator1</RootNamespace> <AssemblyName>MFEmulator1</AssemblyName> <EmulatorId>{7273aa6c-3c7e-4a68-ab12-6a0953ab5baf}</EmulatorId> <EmulatorCommandLineOptions>/verbose</EmulatorCommandLineOptions> <Config>"c:\Documents\myconfig.emulatorconfig"</Config> </PropertyGroup> ... </Project>
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Case A test application on a virtual machine (VM) intermittently took 8 hours to complete, but at other times
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//draw model Matrix worldMatrix = Matrix.CreateScale(0.01f, 0.01f, 0.01f); myModel.CopyAbsoluteBoneTransformsTo(modelTransforms); foreach (ModelMesh mesh in myModel.Meshes) { foreach (Effect effect in mesh.Effects) { effect.Parameters["xWorld"]. SetValue(modelTransforms[mesh.ParentBone.Index] * worldMatrix); effect.Parameters["xView"].SetValue(fpsCam.ViewMatrix); effect.Parameters["xProjection"].SetValue(fpsCam.ProjectionMatrix); effect.Parameters["xRedIntensity"].SetValue(1.2f); } mesh.Draw(); } base.Draw(gameTime); }
Figure 2-68. Close the storyboard.
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