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To remotely enable a trace for another session, the SID and SERIAL# for the other session must be determined. The following SQL statement lists all user sessions by username, computer, and application program: SQL> 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SELECT SID, SERIAL#, USERNAME, PROGRAM, MACHINE FROM V$SESSION WHERE USERNAME IS NOT NULL ORDER BY USERNAME, MACHINE, PROGRAM;
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Before your PC can stream data to the Xbox 360, the two devices need to be connected by a LAN and to the Internet. If both your Xbox 360 and PC are attached to a router/switch/hub, this should be OK. Nowadays, more and more home networks are relying on a wireless network. This might be a problem, because the Xbox 360 doesn t ship with a wireless adapter by default. One solution is to have a PC with both a wireless and a wired (Ethernet) network, which is common for most new laptops. Connect the PC to your wireless network at home, and add a $5 patch cable between your Xbox 360 and PC. Finally, on your PC, click the Start button, and navigate to Settings Network Connections. Highlight both your wireless and Ethernet adapters, rightclick one, and select Bridge Connections, as shown in Figure 1-2. Wait for a few minutes, and both machines should be connected to the Internet and to each other!
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Each animation-easing function, unsurprisingly, has a mathematical function behind it. Functions for bouncing, elasticity, etc. are more complicated, so let s take a closer look at one of the mathematically simpler easing functions. The quadratic easing function uses the formula f(t) = t2 where t is the time. Figure 10-15 shows what this looks like visually.
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Queues are an important concept in Azure storage, and they are made up of an unlimited number of messages that are generally read in the order they are added (Azure documentation says this is not guaranteed). Messages are removed as they are read, so if you don t want this to occur make sure you use the peek method instead. Messages can be up to 8kb in size each, so if you need more space than this you can use a blob field and link the two by using the blob s meta data. Messages added to queues have a default time-out of seven days (called time to live). After that passes, then they will be destroyed. We will create a new application to add and read items from a queue: 1. Create a new Azure project called 16.QueueTest with a web role called 16.QueueTestWebRole. Open Default.aspx and add the following code inside the form tag: <asp:TextBox ID="txtMessage" runat="server" Width="300"></asp:TextBox> <asp:Button ID="cmdAddToQueue" Text="Add" runat="server" /> <asp:Button ID="cmdShowQueue" Text="Show Queue" runat="server" <br /><br /> Queue contents: <br /> <asp:Literal ID="litQueueContents" runat="server"></asp:Literal> 2. Open Default.aspx.cs and add the following using statements: using Microsoft.WindowsAzure; using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient; using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime; />
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HttpWebRequest has had two new properties added: Date for setting HTTP date header Host for setting HTTP host header (this can be useful for testing load balancing scenarios to test connection to a particular server)
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} } } This code produces the following output before being terminated after about five seconds: Timer started. Processing timer Processing timer Processing timer Processing timer
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Now you re ready to set up the necessary project files. Because you ll be dealing with just a few files, you ll add everything to your new project. 1. Start Visual Studio 2005 and create a new, empty BizTalk project, saving it in the c:\acme\chapter12 folder as 12Demo. 2. Right-click the project name and add and generate a schema, as you ve done in previous chapters. Use the customer.xml file as your well-formed XML base for the new schema. Save the schema as customer.xsd. 3. Change the data types of Balance and Discount to xs:Decimal. Your new schema should look like Figure 12-11.
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Here, Hao He introduces the second thread, that of loose coupling. However, his definition doesn t speak to discovery at all. Discovery and loose coupling are two elements that are very important in service orientation. They both facilitate reuse. This is called out more sharply by the next definition, which likens the level of interoperability to the Holy Grail. SOA is kind of an IT manager s Holy Grail, in which software components can be exposed as services on the network, and, so, can be reused time and time again for different applications and purposes. Preston Gralla Technology Journalist In some larger enterprises, reuse is the Holy Grail of IT, as system integration can be costly and cause a lot of churn. Integration strategies have to be reinvented time and again as a system is integrated with others that may be on disparate platforms. Service orientation allows you to write integration code once and reuse it over and over again, regardless of platform, operating system, or language. Another definition of service orientation is The policies, practices, frameworks that enable application functionality to be provided and consumed as sets of services published at a granularity relevant to the service consumer. Services can be invoked, published and discovered, and are abstracted away from the implementation using a single, standards-based form of interface. David Sprott and Lawrence Wilkes Principal Analysts, Computers by Design, Inc. This definition takes on the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) definition specifically in the fact that it calls out a set of components. The granularity of the service is independent of the fact that it s a service-oriented implementation. While we can still speak of coarsegrained or fine-grained services, what s important is that the design is relevant to the service consumer. Separating the implementation from interface is first called out here, but it s really just a more concrete invocation of loose coupling. Consumers of a service need a description of that service; they do not need the libraries containing the implementation. In fact, consumers don t even need to be aware of how the implementation is done. It may be .NET; it may be Java; it may be a hundred hamsters on exercise wheels. Consumers care not, just so long as they get SOAP formatted messages back as a response. Finally, the single, standards-based from of interface is a more concrete way of saying interoperable. Rather than explicitly declaring how systems will interact through low-level protocols and object-oriented architectures, SOA provides an abstract interface through which a service can interact with other services or applications through a loosely coupled (often asynchronous), message-based communication model. It can be imagined as an interconnected process-based enterprise that exposes a set of loosely coupled, coarse-grained services. Soumen Chatterjee Senior Consultant, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
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WSS Workflow: Three-State
TIP For applications that will be deployed to both standard web servers and Azure it can be useful to determine whether you are running in the fabric. The RoleEnvironment.IsAvailable() method returns a Boolean value indicating this.
Figure 6-18. The Web site designed by Chris McCall.
Figure 3-4. One image containing multiple images (left) and another blending them over a grassy surface (right) Because the grass has layer value 1.0f and the cliff images have layer value 0.5f, XNA knows it should first render the grass, followed by the cliff. Make sure you have set SpriteSortMode to BackToFront in the SpriteBatch.Begin method so XNA actually knows it should order the sprites by layer before rendering them:
Figure 6-10. Distributed direct-connected Windows application system
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