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When the indexer is the target of an assignment, the set accessor is called and receives two items of data, as follows: An implicit parameter, named value, which holds the data to be stored One or more index parameters that represent where it should be stored emp[0] = "Doe"; Index Value Parameter Your code in the set accessor must examine the index parameters, determine where the data should be stored, and then store it. Figure 6-18 shows the syntax and meaning of the set accessor. The left side of the figure shows the actual syntax of the accessor declaration. The right side shows the semantics of the accessor if it were written using the syntax of a normal method. The figure on the right shows that the set accessor has the following semantics: It has a void return type. It uses the same parameter list as that in the indexer declaration. It has an implicit value parameter named value, of the same type as the indexer.
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Business objects can contain other business objects. As discussed in 4, the containing object is a parent object, and the contained object is a child object. In this case, the parent object maintains a reference to the child object. I ll discuss the issues around parent-child relationships in 9. For now, you should know that the normal way to create a property that references a child object is to write code like this in your parent object: private static PropertyInfo<ChildType> ChildProperty = RegisterProperty(new PropertyInfo<ChildType>("Child")); public ChildType Child { get { if (!FieldManager.FieldExists(ChildProperty)) LoadProperty(ChildProperty, ChildType.NewChild()); return GetProperty(ChildProperty); } } This stores the child reference in a managed backing field, which allows the field manager to automatically take care of all the housekeeping details involved with a child reference. The RegisterProperty() and GetProperty() calls should be familiar by this point. But these two lines are new: if (!FieldManager.FieldExists(ChildProperty)) LoadProperty(ChildProperty, ChildType.NewChild()); The first line uses the FieldManager to determine if this child object has been created. If it has not, then the second line uses LoadProperty() to add a new instance of the object as a child. The call to ChildType.NewChild() is invoking the child object s factory method, which is a concept I discussed in s 4 and 5. This relatively simple-looking code is hiding some fairly complex object interactions, and I ll discuss them later in 9 when I cover parent-child relationships.
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5. In the Refers To box, type an OFFSET formula that references the selected cell =OFFSET(Orders!$A$1,0,0,COUNTA(Orders!$A:$A),COUNTA(Orders!$1:$1)) or you can use a nonvolatile formula, which may be more efficient in larger workbooks, where calculation speed is an issue: = Orders!$A$1:INDEX(Orders!$1:$10000, COUNTA(Orders!$A:$A),COUNTA(Orders!$1:$1)) The formula is set to a limit of 10,000 rows, which can be increased if required. 6. Click the OK button.
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To change the order of the items searched, touch and drag the right edge of the item with the three gray bars up or down. To remove a specific item from the search, tap it to remove the check mark next to it. Unchecked items are not searched by Spotlight Search. Tap the General button in the upper left corner to return to the Settings.
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This is a relatively important change as you go from Oracle9i and before to 10g. In Oracle 10g, the SHARED_POOL_SIZE parameter controls the size of the shared pool, whereas in Oracle9i and before, it was just the largest contributor to the shared pool. You should review your 9i and before actual shared pool size (based on V$SGASTAT) and use that figure to set your SHARED_POOL_SIZE parameter in Oracle 10g and above. The various other components that used to add to the size of the shared pool now expect you to allocate that memory for them.
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Now we can start working on our project. As I mentioned before, we re going to implement the same scenario as we did for the InfoPath forms. The first thing we need to do is to add and configure all of our activities. Rather than repeat all of those instructions here, I ll refer you to the section Adding and Configuring Activities earlier in this chapter. Go through those steps again and then jump back here to begin working with our forms.
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The Way Ahead
This chapter covered the animation support that comes with Silverlight. Timelines are central to the animation support, and the Timeline class provides several properties to control how time advances, possibly repeating or even reversing. The simplest form of animation is the from/to/by type, and several applications of it were demonstrated. Next, you learned about the most powerful animation support in Silverlight: keyframe animation. This provides the capability to alter how property values change by supporting different interpolation methods specifically linear, discrete, and spline. The keyframe animation also supports modifying properties of types other than double, Point, and Color. Finally, you got a taste of the animation support built into Expression Blend, an invaluable tool for working with animation in both WPF and Silverlight, along with the newly introduced animation feature 3D animation. In the next chapter, we will look at advanced Silverlight features, such as the navigation framework and out-of-browser capabilities.
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