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Closes the stream and releases the connection to the server. Returns a Stream. Use this to access the data sent by the server to Silverlight.
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The accounting department can provide you with a text file of the year-to-date transactions, which you can use as a data source for your pivot table. They ve asked how you want the file set up, and you aren t sure what to tell them.
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Tip Systemwide problems require looking at the entire stack, not just at the database or host. Often the finger
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Part III: You and Your iPod touch
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It s probably fairly well known by now that Oracle often uses 1 percent or 5 percent as a scaling factor for unknown selectivity, and that both these factors appear frequently in calculations involving subqueries. However, that s a long way from 49,915,000, so I was curious and volunteered to take a look at the trace file. The file size was 12MB, and the plan was 70 lines so not a simple task at first sight. But plenty of clues made it possible to simplify the problem. We had reason to believe that the critical issue probably related to a subquery, operating as a filter subquery, and operating at the end of a no-merge view. I noticed one significant number when looking at the subquery in isolation. Here s the most significant (but camouflaged) text of the critical WHERE clause: 1 = (select nvl(max(tableX.flag),1) from tableX where = Tracking down the information the optimizer had about tableX, I found the following: SINGLE TABLE ACCESS PATH ----------------------------------------BEGIN Single Table Cardinality Estimation ----------------------------------------Column (#1): ID(NUMBER) AvgLen: 7.00 NDV: 4991490 Nulls: 0 Density: 2.0034e-07 Min: 1501376845 Max: 1630612660 Histogram: HtBal #Bkts: 254 UncompBkts: 254 EndPtVals: 255 Table: TABLEX Alias: TABLEX Card: Original: 3621333248 Rounded: 726 Computed: 725.50 Non Adjusted: 725.50 ----------------------------------------END Single Table Cardinality Estimation ----------------------------------------Notice the coincidence: we have a subquery filter selectivity of 4.9915e + 08, and we have a column with a number of distinct values of 4.99149e + 06 which, allowing for a factor of 100 (1 percent for a subquery, perhaps), is a pretty good match. This was enough to make me think it was worth creating a little model (using, as follows: create table t1 as with generator as ( select --+ materialize rownum id from all_objects where rownum <= 3000 ) select mod(rownum,733) id1, rownum id2, mod(rownum,11) n1, lpad(rownum,10,"0") small_vc, rpad("x",100) padding from generator v1, generator v2 where rownum <= 100000
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Copying the Properties
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The following sections provide a brief description of all the keywords and operators that we will encounter as we explore C# in the coming chapters. Each item is described briefly, and details of where in the book you can find further information are provided. I have not listed all the keyword and operators just the ones that are commonly used and that are covered in this book. These sections are not intended to be read start to finish. I suggest you use these for reference when you know what it is you want to achieve but can t remember which keyword or operator you should use. Many of the keywords are accompanied by brief examples to jog your memory in just these circumstances. The keywords are grouped by category. Table 4-3 summarizes the keywords so you can turn find what you are looking for.
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