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Figure 8-7. The body contents for an MSMQ message
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The Black Box Approach
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Creating the Receiver Silverlight Application
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Grouping, sorting, filtering, and paging are the basic functionalities that are required in any Silverlight line-of-business application that uses data-bound controls such as the DataGrid control. The PagedCollectionView class, residing in the System.Windows.Data namespace, represents a view for grouping, sorting, filtering, and navigating a paged data collection before it appears in the data-bound control such as the DataGrid control. We also need to add the namespace System.ComponentModel for SortDescriptionCollection, representing a collection of SortDescription objects. Let s implement each of these functionalities one by one.
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You may be able to use Nullable(Of DateTime) as a workable data type for your date values. But even that isn t always perfect, because Nullable(Of DateTime) doesn t offer specialized formatting and parsing capabilities for working with dates. Nor does it really understand the concept of an empty date: it isn t possible to compare actual dates with empty dates, yet that is often a business requirement. The SmartDate type is an attempt to resolve this issue. Repeating the problem with SqlDataReader, the DateTime data type isn t inheritable, so SmartDate can t just subclass DateTime to create a more powerful data type. Instead, it uses containment and delegation to create a new type that provides the capabilities of the DateTime data type while also supporting the concept of an empty date.
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Like generic classes, generic structs can have type parameters and constraints. The rules and conditions for generic structs are the same as those for generic classes. For example, the following code declares a generic struct called PieceOfData, which stores and retrieves a piece of data, the type of which is determined when the type is constructed. Main creates objects of two constructed types one using int and the other using string. struct PieceOfData<T> // Generic struct { public PieceOfData(T value) { _data = value; } private T _data; public T Data { get { return _data; } set { _data = value; } } } class Program { static void Main() Constructed type { var intData = new PieceOfData<int>(10); var stringData = new PieceOfData<string>("Hi there."); Constructed type Console.WriteLine("intData = {0}", intData.Data); Console.WriteLine("stringData = {0}", stringData.Data); } } This code produces the following output: intData = 10 stringData = Hi there.
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his appendix describes the command-line options of the IL assembler (ilasm.exe) and the IL disassembler (ildasm.exe).
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The checked and unchecked operators control the overflow checking context of an expression, which is placed between a set of parentheses. The expression cannot be a method. The syntax is the following: checked ( Expression ) unchecked ( Expression ) For example, the following code executes the same conversion first in a checked operator and then in an unchecked operator. In the unchecked context, the overflow is ignored, resulting in the value 208. In the checked context, an OverflowException exception is raised. ushort sh = 2000; byte sb; sb = unchecked ( (byte) sh ); Console.WriteLine("sb: {0}", sb); sb = checked ( (byte) sh ); Console.WriteLine("sb: {0}", sb);
If you do not have a Microsoft Exchange account, but you still want a wireless sync, then you should set up a free Google account to store your contacts and calendar. The account will allow you to start using Google Mail (Gmail), Contacts, and Calendar. To set up your Google account, follow these steps: 1. From either your computer s web browser or Safari on your iPod touch, type in: Press the Create an account button.
Way back in 5, we wrote a custom activity that removes macros from Office 2007 documents. In 6 we made use of that activity in our workflow. The workflow we created was done in Visual Studio and we could easily add the custom activity to the toolbar. But what about workflows created using the SharePoint Designer Wouldn t it be nice if we could add custom actions and conditions to meet our business needs Fortunately, you can easily.
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