Integrated Data Matrix in c sharp THE ASP.NET REQUEST PIPELINE

C H A P T E R 11
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LoadTextureImage(CFSTR( ViewScreen"),CFSTR( png"),SPR_VIEWSCREEN);
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RowCount and Server-Driven Paging
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Table 37-2. The Symmetric Algorithm Classes
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Figure 4-12. Debugging an orchestration with HAT
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The List<T> class has a number of methods that help you find data in the collection. I tend not to use these methods, preferring to use LINQ to Objects, which you can learn more about in 27. Nonetheless, these methods can be useful and, because they are tailored to the implementation of the List<T> class, offer a high-performance alternative to LINQ. The methods are summarized in Table 19-6. Table 19-6. Members for Finding List Items
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Here you can find the main switch block inside the Update method. This code will cause the program to move from the SignIn state to the SearchSession and Searching states. However, it will be the EndAsynchSearch method, which you can find earlier, that decides whether to move to the CreateSession or InSession state. switch (currentGameState) { case GameState.SignIn: { if (Gamer.SignedInGamers.Count < 1) { Guide.ShowSignIn(1, false); log.Add("Opened User SignIn Interface"); } else { currentGameState = GameState.SearchSession; log.Add(Gamer.SignedInGamers[0].Gamertag + " logged in - proceed to SearchSession"); } }
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The Polling Pattern
Supporting object persistence the ability to store and retrieve an object from a database can be quite complex. I discussed this earlier in the chapter when talking about basic persistence and the concept of ORM. As you ll see in 8, business objects will either encapsulate data access logic within the objects, or they will delegate the data access behavior to a persistence object. At the same time, however, you don t want to be in a position in which a change to your physical architecture requires every business object in the system to be altered. The ability to easily switch between having the data access code run on the client machine and having it run on an application server is the goal; with that change driven by a configuration file setting. On top of this, when using an application server, not every business object in the application should be directly exposed by the server. This would be a maintenance and configuration nightmare, because it would require updating configuration information on all client machines any time a business object is added or changed.
Figure 5-4. Focused background processes For example, in Oracle Database 11g Release 2, a database started using a minimum number of init.ora parameters ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> !cat /tmp/pfile *.compatible="" *.control_files="/home/ora11gr2/app/ora11gr2/oradata/orcl/control01.ctl", "/home/ora11gr2/app/ora11gr2/flash_recovery_area/orcl/control02.ctl" *.db_block_size=8192 *.db_name="orcl" *.memory_target=314572800 *.undo_tablespace="UNDOTBS1"
A child collection class inherits from BusinessListBase and has factory methods that use the CreateChild() and FetchChild() data portal methods, so the object is marked as a child when it is created. If you choose to avoid the data portal for creating the child object, you must make sure MarkAsChild() is called during the object s creation process to indicate that it s operating in child mode. Remember that child objects are not retrieved or updated directly by the UI but instead are retrieved or updated by the child object s parent object. <Serializable()> _ Public Class EditableChildList Inherits BusinessListBase(Of EditableChildList, EditableChild) #Region "Factory Methods" Friend Shared Function NewEditableChildList() As EditableChildList Return DataPortal.CreateChild(Of EditableChildList)() End Function Friend Shared Function GetEditableChildList(ByVal childData _ As Object) As EditableChildList Return DataPortal.FetchChild(Of EditableChildList)(childData) End Function Private Sub New() End Sub #End Region #Region "Data Access"
You will notice that any unread messages are marked with a blue dot the message (see Figure 14 3). to the left of
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