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You can reconnect the pivot table to the named range, in its new location: 1. Open both files the file with the pivot table, and the file that contains the source data. 2. Activate the file that contains the pivot table, and then select a cell in the pivot table. 3. On the Ribbon, click the Options tab, and in the Data group, click Change Data Source. 4. While the Change PivotTable Data Source dialog box is open, on the Ribbon, click the View tab. Click Switch Windows, and select the workbook that contains the source data. 5. Select the table that contains the source data, and then click OK.
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Incoming Message
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17 rows selected. Using the same init.ora, only replacing memory_target with sga_target and pga_aggregate_target, in Oracle Database 10g Release 2, you might only see 12: ops$tkyte %ORA10GR2> select paddr, name, description 2 from v$bgprocess 3 where paddr <> "00" 4 order by paddr desc 5 / PADDR -------23D27AC4 23D27508 23D26990 23D263D4 23D25E18 23D2585C 23D252A0 23D24CE4 23D24728 23D2416C 23D23BB0 23D235F4 NAME ---CJQ0 QMNC MMNL MMON RECO SMON CKPT LGWR DBW0 MMAN PSP0 PMON DESCRIPTION ---------------------------------------------------------------Job Queue Coordinator AQ Coordinator Manageability Monitor Process 2 Manageability Monitor Process distributed recovery System Monitor Process checkpoint Redo etc. db writer process 0 Memory Manager process spawner 0 process cleanup
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Authorization Roles Not Based on Shared Windows Groups
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Note Having finished the section on static properties, take a closer look at the line that initializes
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Getting Photos onto Your iPod touch
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Main( string[] args) { }
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This web service will provide a web method that makes a call to the Yahoo iFinance server on your behalf, takes the CSV that is returned from it, and serializes it as a DataTable. It is designed to be consumed by a .NET-based client, so using a DataTable object works nicely. If you want to expose a web service that is easily interoperable with other platforms, you should serialize the returned data using straight XML that can be parsed on the client side. Here is the code for the web method: [WebMethod] public DataTable GetFullPriceHistory(string strTicker, int nDays) { WebClient client = new WebClient(); StringBuilder strURI = new StringBuilder("http://ichart.finance.yahoo.com/table.csv s="); strURI.Append(strTicker);
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Getting the Difference Between Two DATEs
As you select each property, a short message describing what effect the property has is shown at the bottom of the Properties window, as illustrated by Figure 32-7 for the TextAlign property of the TextBox control. There are too many controls and properties for me to describe in this chapter, but these messages are one of the best ways of finding the property that has the effect you are looking for.
Table 4-2. CSLA .NET Object Stereotypes
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