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_userTableService.Insert(user as User); } Listing 2-26. Recursively Loop the Embedded Entity Object to Insert a Relational Data Set to Cloud Storage Tables virtual public bool Insert(ICloudEntity entity) { bool success = false; ICloudEntity dependency = null; try { _dataTableContext.AddObject(_dataTableContext.TableName, entity); _dataTableContext.SaveChanges(); dependency = entity.GetDependencyEntity(); while (null != dependency) { CloudTableServiceFactory cloudTableFactory = new CloudTableServiceFactory(); cloudTableFactory.FactoryCloudTableService(dependency) .Insert(dependency); dependency = dependency.GetDependencyEntity(); } success = true; } catch { } return success; } To delete a set of relational data entities from cloud table storage, a parent entity object is responsible for passing the partition key that is the RowKey of the child record. The list of dependency entities is the one we built up when constructing each entity instance . The highlighted lines from Listing 2-27 show how to accomplish this task.
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public class Address : CloudTableStorageEntity { private State _state = CloudTableStorageService_WebRole.CloudTableStrorageDataEntity.State.OR; public public public public public public public string Address1 { get; set; } string Address2 { get; set; } string City { get; set; } int State { get { return (int)_state; } set { _state = (State)value; } } string Zip { get; set; } string County { get; set; } string Country { get; set; }
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Their main purpose in life is to be used in the event of an instance or media failure, or as a method of maintaining a standby database for failover. If the power goes off on your database machine, causing an instance failure, Oracle will use the online redo logs to restore the system to exactly the point it was at immediately prior to the power outage. If your disk drive containing your data file fails permanently, Oracle will use archived redo logs, as well as online redo logs, to recover a backup of that drive to the
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ToolboxItem Class
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Figure 6-14. Simple class without indexers There are times, however, when it would be convenient to be able to access them with an index, as if the instance were an array of fields. This is exactly what indexers allow you to do. If you were to write an indexer for class Employee, method Main might look like the code in Figure 6-15. Notice that instead of using dot-syntax notation, indexers use index notation, which consists of an index between square brackets.
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between registered components and their type libraries. Every developer has experienced so-called DLL Hell, in which successive installations and removals of upgraded components cause incorrect type information to be retained in the registry. Technically, this is a versioning problem. But in more general terms this example points to the fact that there is no service guarantee in the world of type libraries. You just have to hope that the component is registered with the correct type library. Services, on the other hand, can implement a service guarantee in the form of a policy description that is contained within the WSDL contract. So-called policy assertions are published with the contract to describe what level of service the consumer can expect, and how the service operations can be expected to respond. There are many advantages to policy assertions, not the least of which is that you could implement code in your consumer so that it will only work with a service that enforces a minimum policy guarantee. Should this policy ever change, then your consumer is designed not to use the service any longer. In a very sophisticated application, you could design your consumer to autodiscover an alternate service using the UDDI registry. Services allow for things to go wrong: When you call a method on a traditional type-based component, you are making a leap of faith that the call will execute successfully. The reality is that the vast majority of calls do go through, creating a sense of complacency that this is always the case. But in the service-oriented world, where the supporting infrastructure is vastly more intricate and decoupled, you cannot have such a high level of faith that calls will always go through. Recall that XML messages are the gold currency of service requests. Messages can experience trouble at many steps along the way. Trouble in the transport channel can prevent them from being delivered. Trouble in the service s server or firewall can prevent the service from ever responding to a received message. Furthermore, messages may be tampered with, so that they are malformed or suspect when they do reach their intended target. SOA accommodates all of these many potential problems using a set of technologies that maintain the integrity of a service request even if things go wrong along the way. These include reliable messaging, transaction support, and authentication mechanisms to ensure that only trusted parties are involved in the service request (including certificatebased mechanisms). Services provide flexible binding: Services fully describe themselves using the WSDL contract. This information includes documentation of the service operations as well as data type information, referenced by well-defined XML schemas. This enables clear and unambiguous qualified references. The best part is that a consumer does not have to have any prior knowledge of a data type, as long as its XML namespace is documented by or referenced by the WSDL contract. For example, consider a consumer that calls a stock quote service. This service provides a RequestQuote method that returns a custom complex data type called Quote, which includes current and previous share price information, as well as 52-week high and low values. The consumer has no advanced knowledge of how the Quote data type is structured, but it does not need to as long as it can reference the qualified associated XSD schema.
Although multithreading is conceptually easy, getting all the details right can be frustratingly difficult on nontrivial programs. The areas that need to be considered are the following: Communicating between the threads: There are few built-in mechanisms for communicating between threads, so this is often done simply using memory, since memory is visible and accessible by all threads in the same process. Coordinating threads: Although it s easy to create threads, you also need to be able to coordinate their actions. For example, a thread might need to wait for one or more other threads to complete before it can continue its execution. Synchronization of resource usage: Since all the threads in a process share the same resources and memory, you need to make sure that the different threads aren t accessing and changing them at the same time, causing state inconsistencies. The System.Threading namespace contains classes and types that you can use to build complex multithreaded systems. These include the Thread class itself, and classes such as Mutex, Semaphore, and Monitor, which are used to synchronize resource usage. The use, complexities, and nuances of this tricky subject are beyond the scope of this text, and you d be better advised to settle down with an in-depth book on the subject. You can, however, add very powerful multithreading to your programs through two simple techniques asynchronous delegates and timers which I will cover in the rest of this chapter. For most programs, these are probably the only techniques you will need.
Finally, what is the ViewModel The ViewModel glues everything together. The View consumes the ViewModel for Data Binding and command execution (event execution from the UI). The ViewModel also
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Figure 6-2. Each instance of class D has its own copy of field Mem1.
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