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Figure 1-6. The five logical layers deployed on a load-balanced web farm This setup provides good database-connection pooling, because each web server will be (potentially) servicing hundreds of concurrent users, and all database connections on a web server are pooled.
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// create the DataSet object DataSet myDataSet = new DataSet(); // fill the dataset into the named table myAdapter.Fill(myDataSet, "Employees"); // query the results with LINQ IEnumerable<DataRow> cityResults = from row in myDataSet.Tables["Employees"].AsEnumerable() where row.Field<string>("City") == "London" select row; // enumerate the results foreach (DataRow row in cityResults) { Console.WriteLine("City Result: {0} {1}", row.Field<string>("FirstName"), row.Field<string>("Lastname")); } // use LINQ to perform a different query on the same data var titleResults = from row in myDataSet.Tables["Employees"].AsEnumerable() where row.Field<string>("Title") == "Sales Representative" select new { Firstname = row.Field<string>("FirstName"), LastName = row.Field<string>("Lastname") }; // enumerate the second set of results foreach (var item in titleResults) { Console.WriteLine("Title Result: {0} {1}", item.Firstname, item.LastName); } // close the database connection myConnection.Close(); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } In this example, I execute a SQL query that selects all the rows in the Employees table in the database. I then use the DataTable object as a data source for a LINQ query: IEnumerable<DataRow> cityResults = from row in myDataSet.Tables["Employees"].AsEnumerable() where row.Field<string>("City") == "London" select row;
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Adding Types to Existing Namespaces
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How It Works
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Type of object to create and (optional) criteria about new object Criteria for desired object Object to be updated Criteria for object to be deleted Object to be executed (must derive from CommandBase)
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Figure 2-16. An idea for an overview of random news
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client authentication, whereas secure conversation is.
CHAPTER 8: Falling Balls and Gravity Pods
Associating Roles with Properties
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