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our custom code. The first line deserializes the class. The next three lines configure the text to be displayed on the tooltip. The last line sets the icon shown in the Toolbox to the picture we want to display. Listing 5-17. The ActivityToolboxItem Class, Used to Customize Our Activity in the Visual Studio Toolbox [Serializable] internal class MacroStripperToolboxItem : ActivityToolboxItem { public MacroStripperToolboxItem(Type type): base(type) { } private MacroStripperToolboxItem(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) { this.Deserialize(info, context); this.Description = "Remove Macros from Office 2007 Documents"; this.Company = "KCD Holdings, Inc."; this.DisplayName = "Macro Stripper"; this.Bitmap = new Bitmap(KCD.SharePoint.Activities.Properties. Resources.MacroStripper); } } The last piece of code we need to add is an attribute on our activity class to tell it to use the ToolboxItem class. Add the following to the attributes already decorating our activity class: [ToolboxItem(typeof(MacroStripperToolboxItem))]. That s it our activity will now use the custom ToolboxItem. We re just about done. The last thing we need to do is add the image we want to use for the icon as a resource. The image needs to be 16 16 and 256 colors. Copy it into your application directory and then use the Properties window for our project to add the existing file as a resource. Verify that the file properties for the item are configured as an embedded resource and you re all set. So there you are, a custom ToolboxItem class for our activity. Figure 5-3 shows the end result of our efforts. Again, pure eye candy at this point, but a nice touch nonetheless. When we revisit the ToolboxItem class for the composite activity, we ll see a few more tricks it can do. For now, let s move on to our validator.
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Foreign Keys
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When converting a floating point type to an integer type, the value is rounded toward zero to the nearest integer. Figure 18-12 illustrates the conversion conditions. If the rounded value is not within the range of the target type, then The CLR raises an OverflowException exception if the overflow checking context is checked. C# does not define what its value should be if the context is unchecked.
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The CLR has a service called the Garbage Collector (GC), which automatically manages memory for you. The GC automatically deletes objects from memory that your program will no longer access. The GC relieves the programmer of tasks that he or she has traditionally had to perform, such as deallocating memory and hunting for memory leaks. This is no small feature, since hunting for memory leaks can be difficult and time-consuming.
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Follow this process to add each of the following four tables to the database.
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Figure 10-17. Properties for the ProjectListDataSource control
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Table 4-3 lists the classes needed, in addition to Csla.Server.DataPortal, to implement the message router behavior. Table 4-3. Types Required for the Message Router
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Knowledge Is Power
Full-Size List Boxes and Centered Text
20-19, 20-20
The CSS class used for the CalendarExtender control Format string for the date generated The ID of the Button control used to show the CalendarExtender control (optional) ID of the corresponding Textbox to be used
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