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Creation Data Matrix ECC200 in visual C# Data Access Methods

Modifying Data
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The top UpdatePanel control contains an ASP .NET GridView control. Because it is in an UpdatePanel control and partial rendering is enabled, postbacks caused by actions on this panel should incur only partial refreshes, improving the user experience. Let s take a look at the code for this UpdatePanel control. First you define the UpdatePanel control and give it the ID of up1: <atlas:UpdatePanel ID="up1" runat="server"> Then you use the <ContentTemplate> child tag to insert the content you want to partially update. This will be a GridView control, called ListGrid, that will bind to the ObjectDataSource control you saw earlier. This object data source is called ListDataSource and is configured using the <DataSourceID> tag:
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Because delegates are reference types, you can change the reference contained in a delegate variable by assigning to it. The old delegate object will be disposed of by the Garbage Collector (GC) when it gets around to it. For example, the following code sets and then changes the value of delVar. Figure 15-4 illustrates the code. MyDel delVar; delVar = myInstObj.MyM1; ... delVar = SClass.OtherM2;
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Figure 9-1. Appearance of the main form
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Note Another example of nonsense correlation from the OakTable Network mailing list is how the World Cup
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In almost all cases, your Model will not be drawn around the (0,0,0) point but will be rotated, scaled, or moved to someplace else in the 3D world by setting a World matrix. For more information on this, see recipe 4-2. Obviously, the bounding volume around this object needs to be
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Figure 14-24. The Save dialog box. Go ahead and save your image and then open it up to check it out. Pretty cool again, huh Now all we have left is to add the dragged items to the image. Let s incorporate that now.
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Figure 4-18. The anatomy of a foreach loop There is no condition in a foreach loop. The statements in the code block will be executed once for each data item in the data source. In Listing 4-7, the data source is an int array with five items, so the single code statement in the code block will be executed five times. Before each loop iteration, the value of the local variable defined in the foreach loop will be assigned to an item in the data source, and the variable can be referred to from within the code block. In the case of Listing 4-7, the local variable i will be assigned the values 2, 4, 6, and so on; the values are assigned in the order in which they appear in the data source. The type of the local variable has to match the type of the items in the data source. Compiling and running Listing 4-7 produces the following results: Iteration for value: 2 Iteration for value: 4 Iteration for value: 6 Iteration for value: 8 Iteration for value: 10 Press enter to finish You can use the break and continue keywords in a foreach loop as you would a for loop see earlier in this chapter for details.
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int, uint, long, ulong uint, ulong long, ulong ulong
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ASP.NET 4.0 has the benefit of hindsight. With the integration of both the Web Forms and MVC rendering engines, developers are free to express themselves as they choose while still benefiting from the underlying ASP.NET Platform. To support developers in the building of rich powerful ASP.NET applications, VS2010 has streamlined its approach and is focusing on those areas that matter to developers. Speed, efficiency and ease of use.
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