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To configure the Button control, change the name to convertButton, change the Content property to the > character, and change the text font so that the > character fills the button area. I made mine 40 points. If you have been following along, you should have a design surface that is similar to the one shown in Figure 33-9. library generate barcode
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You can tailor the way that your objects are serialized and deserialized by applying one of four attributes to methods in your class. Listing 23-8 contains an example of using one of these attributes. Listing 23-8. Using a Serialization Callback Attribute using System; [Serializable] class Person { private string name; [NonSerialized] private string city; public Person(String nameParam, String cityParam) { name = nameParam; city = cityParam; } public String Name { get { return name; } set { name = value; }
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Table 10-2. Indigo-Supported Transport Protocols
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Key and Value Properties and Methods
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You almost have all the data you need to create a fully working Terrain object. To allow for precise height querying on the Terrain as shown in recipe 5-9, the Terrain also needs a 2D array of floats. Add a variable together with its getter method to your TerrainContent class so it is capable of storing and providing this data: float[,] heightData; public float[,] HeightData { get { return heightData; } } Adjust the constructor of the class so this variable gets filled (look at the full code in The Code to see the full TerrainContent class). In your processor, you have this 2D height array readily available, so pass it to the constructor of the TerrainContent object: TerrainContent tc = new TerrainContent(vertices, indices, grass, heightData); At this point, the TerrainContent object you created will have the array stored, but it will not yet serialize the data. Therefore, add this code to the TypeWriter: int width = value.HeightData.GetLength(0); int height = value.HeightData.GetLength(1); output.WriteObject<int>(width); output.WriteObject<int>(height); for (int x = 0; x < width; x++) for (int y = 0; y < height; y++) output.WriteObject<float>(value.HeightData[x, y]); A 2D array of floats can be serialized by first storing the number of rows and columns of the array and then storing all floats inside the array to the binary file. When it comes to deserializing the 2D array at runtime, you first retrieve the number of rows and columns, so you first can create an empty 2D array of the correct dimensions. Next, you load the floats one after each other into the array. This is done in the TypeReader: int width = input.ReadObject<int>(); int height = input.ReadObject<int>(); float[,] heightData = new float[width, height]; for (int x = 0; x < width; x++) for (int y = 0; y < height; y++) heightData[x, y] = input.ReadObject<float>();
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Signed and unsigned 8-bit integer values Signed and unsigned 16-bit integer values Signed and unsigned 32-bit integer values
For a detailed look at how this works with Iron Python please refer to: en-us/magazine/cc163344.aspx. As all languages end up being compiled into the same common AST structure, it is then possible for interaction between them.
It should be quite clear at this point that merging the two collections or their child objects into a single set of objects isn t the right answer. They have different responsibilities, and so they should be separate objects. But this leaves one glaring issue: what about the common properties and any common business logic they might require How can two objects use the same data without causing duplication of business logic
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