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// Assignment: the set method is implicitly called // Expression: the get method is implicitly called
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ConstraintCollection Constraint
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Single quote Double quote Backslash New line Carriage return Tab
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Some additional points to be aware of when working with indexers are the following: An indexer can have either one or both of the accessors. Indexers are always instance members; hence, an indexer cannot be declared static. Like properties, the code implementing the get and set accessors does not have to be associated with any fields or properties. The code can do anything, or nothing, as long as the get accessor returns some value of the specified type.
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Can the Classes Be Merged
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// Class instances // Struct instances
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Creating the Web Service Project
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Accessibility and Standards
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// Create object. // Increment it. // Increment it. // Print its value.
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4. When you see the Timeline appear, move the playhead out to 2 seconds, as I do in Figure 712.
4 value number, 5 change number, 6 high number, 7 low number, 8 vol number, 9 primary key(ticker,day) 10 ) 11 organization index 12 / Table created. I frequently look at one stock at a time for some range of days (e.g., computing a moving average). If I were to use a heap organized table, the probability of two rows for the stock ticker ORCL existing on the same database block are almost zero. This is because every night, I insert the records for the day for all of the stocks. This fills up at least one database block (actually, many of them). Therefore, every day I add a new ORCL record, but it is on a block different from every other ORCL record already in the table. If I query as follows Select * from stocks where ticker = "ORCL" and day between sysdate-100 and sysdate; Oracle would read the index and then perform table access by rowid to get the rest of the row data. Each of the 100 rows I retrieve would be on a different database block due to the way I load the table each would probably be a physical I/O. Now consider that I have this same data in an IOT. That same query only needs to read the relevant index blocks, and it already has all of the data. Not only is the table access removed, but all of the rows for ORCL in a given range of dates are physically stored near each other as well. Less logical I/O and less physical I/O is incurred. Now you understand when you might want to use IOTs and how to use them. What you need to understand next is what the options are with these tables. What are the caveats The options are very similar to the options for a heap organized table. Once again, we ll use DBMS_METADATA to show us the details. Let s start with the three basic variations of the IOT: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create table t1 2 ( x int primary key, 3 y varchar2(25), 4 z date 5 ) 6 organization index; Table created. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create table t2 2 ( x int primary key, 3 y varchar2(25), 4 z date 5 ) 6 organization index 7 OVERFLOW; Table created. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create table t3 2 ( x int primary key, 3 y varchar2(25),
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