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The DataPortal_Insert() method handles the case in which a new object needs to insert its data into the database. It is invoked by the data portal as a result of the UI calling the object s Save() method when the object s IsNew property is True. As with all the methods that change the database, this one is marked with the <Transactional()> attribute to ensure that the code is transactionally protected: <Transactional(TransactionalTypes.TransactionScope)> _ Protected Overrides Sub DataPortal_Insert() Using cn As New SqlConnection(Database.PTrackerConnection) cn.Open() Using cm As SqlCommand = cn.CreateCommand cm.CommandText = "addProject" DoInsertUpdate(cm) End Using End Using ' update child objects mResources.Update(Me) End Sub As with DataPortal_Fetch(), this method opens a connection to the database and creates a SqlCommand object. However, it turns out that both the addProject and updateProject stored procedures take almost the same set of parameters. To consolidate code, a DoInsertUpdate() helper method is called to load the common parameters and to execute the SqlCommand object. That method looks like this: Private Sub DoInsertUpdate(ByVal cm As SqlCommand) With cm .CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure .Parameters.AddWithValue("@id", mId) .Parameters.AddWithValue("@name", mName) .Parameters.AddWithValue("@started", mStarted.DBValue) .Parameters.AddWithValue("@ended", mEnded.DBValue)
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Data Storage and Management
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the same name. In the Java inheritance model, this is an ambiguity that must be resolved to a single method. In the CLI inheritance model, both methods may be available on the type, and you may access them both depending on what interface pointer you might be using. This rule is like the rule used for interfaces in COM. What this really means is that when you re creating a class that implements two interfaces that have methods with similar names, you don t have to care about what potential name conflicts might arise. In Java, it can be difficult to create one method that is a viable implementation of both interfaces. In CLI-based languages, both methods can coexist, and the interface handle that is used determines which method is called. Explicit interface implementation is the language construct that allows you to support interfaces that have name conflicts. You create one method definition for each interface that has the method, and you mark it in such a way that the compiler knows that it s the version of the method to be used when accessed through a given interface handle type. If it s not being accessed through an interface handle, but rather through a handle with the type of the object, the calling code must resolve the ambiguity by specifying the interface in the call. Consider the code in Listing 9-8. Listing 9-8. Disambiguating by Specifying an Interface // interface_name_collision.cpp using namespace System; interface class I1 { void f(); }; interface class I2 { void f(); }; ref class R : I1, I2 { public: virtual void f() { Console::WriteLine("R::f"); } }; int main() { R^ r = gcnew R(); r->f(); // R::f() implements both I1's f and I2's f } The name conflict in Listing 9-8 is not an error, and the output is as you would expect:
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App Store Basics
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If you are following the steps in this chapter, your only option for generating an IDC file at this point is to partially generate it using xsd.exe and the XSD schema file. You have not yet defined the operations anywhere other than by design in the initial UML diagram in step 1. So your next step is to use the UML diagram to manually add abstract class definitions to the autogenerated IDC file. This is the approach we always take because it is far easier than the alternative, which is to generate WSDL by hand. Generating WSDL manually is prone to errors and takes far longer than it will take you to update a few lines in code, as is the case with the partially generated IDC file.
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//only read if file size matches size of flash if (stream.Length == this._size) stream.Read(this._memory, 0, (int)this._size); } } } public override void UninitializeComponent() { //writing to file using (FileStream stream = File.OpenWrite(this.flashPath)) stream.Write(this._memory, 0, (int)this._size); //frees the memory so it needs to be called after persisting base.UninitializeComponent(); } } } To use the FlashManager component without custom sector definitions but with the default sector definitions, just a simple configuration is necessary, as demonstrated in Listing 13-38. Listing 13-38. A Simple Configuration of the FlashManager Component < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Emulator> <Types> <MemoryManager>Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Memory.MemoryManager</MemoryManager> <FlashManager>Kuehner.SPOT.Emulator.PersistentFlashManager, PersistentFlashManagerComponent</FlashManager> </Types> <EmulatorComponents> <MemoryManager> <FlashManager type="FlashManager"> </FlashManager> </MemoryManager> </EmulatorComponents> </Emulator> To use custom sector definitions in Listing 13-36 with the flash manager, you need to replace the following line in the Types section: <FlashManager>Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Memory.FlashManager</FlashManager> with the following type declaration:
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A complement to traditional debugging is to test your program as it is being written and to make some of the assumptions that you create in your code explicit so that they can be tested ideally before your program falls into the hands of users. Some of the topics in this chapter are not intended to be a replacement for traditional debugging, but rather, they aim to reduce the frequency with which you have to break out the debugger and spend the afternoon trying to re-create esoteric running conditions. Table 38-1 provides the summary for this chapter. Table 38-1. Quick Problem/Solution Reference for 38
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