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Defining the Class Type Mapping Configuration File
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Notice that the compiler has generated a global variable with the mangled name __unep@ fTarget@@$$FYGXXZ$PST04000001. This variable stores the pointer to the native function fTarget. A CALLI instruction is used to perform the call to fTagret via the function pointer. (CALLI is the abbreviation for call indirect. ) Even through a native function is called from managed code here, no P/Invoke metadata is generated. All metadata necessary to build the thunk is contained in the CALLI instruction s operand. This includes the calling convention and the function arguments. If you switch the compilation model for both source files so that main is compiled to native code and fTarget is compiled to managed code, the compiler simply generates .vtentry and .vtfixup metadata, as well as an interoperability vtable, for fTarget. The native caller can invoke fTarget via the interoperability vtable. The next simple program shows an interesting aspect of function pointers: // PtrToManagedFunc.cpp // build with "cl /clr PtrToManagedFunc.cpp" void __cdecl fManaged() {} void __cdecl fManaged2() {} typedef void (__cdecl* PFN)(); int main() { PFN pfn = &fManaged; } In this code, neither fManaged nor fManaged2 are called. However, the code in main stores an address to fManaged in a local __cdecl function pointer variable. This variable could be passed to a native function. To allow a native function that receives this pointer to call fManaged, the function pointer does not refer to fManaged, but to the native-to-managed thunk for fManaged. As discussed before, creating this thunk requires .vtentry and .vtfixup metadata and an interoperability vtable. For fManaged2, no interoperability metadata is created, because its address is not used in the program. If the pointer to the managed function is actually passed to native code, the generated interoperability metadata is necessary to create the required thunk. However, if you only use the function pointer within managed code, the interoperability metadata and the thunk are overhead. Avoiding this overhead is very simple. Remember, a managed function can be called by native code via a thunk, and by managed code directly (without a thunk). Since managed code can call fManaged without using the thunk, it is also possible to define a __clrcall function pointer that refers to fManaged2. This simple modification avoids the interoperability metadata for fManaged: // ManagedPtrToManagedFunc.cpp // build with "cl /clr ManagedPtrToManagedFunc.cpp" void __cdecl fManaged() {} void __cdecl fManaged2() {}
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display units.
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More about Iterators
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This section presents various methods to render text using fonts.
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The interface also includes three predefined policies: ACCEPT_ALL, ACCEPT_NONE, and ACCEPT_ORIGINAL_SERVER. The last one will reject third-party cookies, accepting only those that come from the original server the same server as the response. To set the cookie policy for the CookieManager, call its setCookiePolicy() method the following:
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Note Oddly enough, one place where the rules about sampling sample data are not followed is in the Poll of
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Another Fa ade Example: Organizing Books
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2. Now you can check to see whether the file is installed, and if it is then you can collapse the
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I ve read regardless of where I access them: it doesn t matter whether I consume the news from my home or work computer or my iPhone; it s all synced. Another nice feature, from a developer s perspective and let s face it, I am a developer is that I don t have to mess with the many formats and odd implementations of fetching news feeds. Google has done all that for me and keeps maintaining it even after my application has shipped. I can concentrate on creating a spectacular user experience on top of it. The iPhone-optimized Google Reader web site is currently the best experience on iPhone operating system even compared with the many native applications available. It s now my proclaimed goal to make without question, the best iPhone newsreader.
> java SecondCompile Code: compiler.note.deprecated.filename Kind: NOTE Position: -1 Start Position: -1 End Position: -1 Source: null Message: Note: Bar.java uses or overrides a deprecated API. Code: compiler.note.deprecated.recompile Kind: NOTE Position: -1 Start Position: -1 End Position: -1 Source: null Message: Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details. Code: compiler.note.unchecked.filename Kind: NOTE Position: -1 Start Position: -1 End Position: -1 Source: null Message: Note: Bar.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations. Code: compiler.note.unchecked.recompile Kind: NOTE Position: -1 Start Position: -1 End Position: -1
Sealed Classes
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