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You can, of course, use EF anywhere in your application, but you may find it is particularly suitable to some areas, such as: ASP.NET MVC Silverlight/WPF (many controls have inbuilt EF support) ASP.NET (many controls have built-in support for binding to EF objects)
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Listing 2-9. Changes to the Implementation Code for ViewHighScoresAppDelegate.m
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Figure 9-6. Calling functions with native calling conventions via function pointers In this code, the managed function main calls a native function (fNative) as well as a managed function (fManaged) via a function pointer. This function pointer is defined as a __cdecl function pointer. In main, a local variable pfn of type PFN is defined. First, pfn is initialized with the expression &fNative. Since main is compiled to managed code and the target function is native code, this expression will automatically return a pointer to a managed-to-unmanaged thunk that
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Figure 10-4. The PivotChart Filter pane At the top right of the PivotChart Filter pane is a button that toggles the PivotTable Field List from visible to hidden (see Figure 10-4). To filter a field, click the arrow in the field s drop-down list, and then check the items you want to show. These filters work just as they do for the fields in the pivot table. For the axis and legend fields, you can also apply Value, Date, and Label filters from the filter drop-down lists. To sort the axis or legend fields, click the arrow in the field s drop-down list, and then click one of the sort options.
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Compiling to Native Code and Execution
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Note There s a fair amount of code to this solution and I stripped it down to about the bare minimum. If
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The checkpoint process doesn t, as its name implies, do a checkpoint (checkpoints were discussed in 3, Files, in the section on redo logs) that s mostly the job of DBWn. It simply assists with the checkpointing process by updating the file headers of the data files. It used to be that CKPT was an optional process, but starting with version 8.0 of the database, it is always started, so if you do a ps on UNIX, you ll always see it there. The job of updating data files headers with checkpoint information used to belong to the LGWR; however, as the number of files increased along with the size of a database over time, this additional task for LGWR became too much of a burden. If LGWR had to update dozens, or hundreds, or even thousands, of files, there would be a good chance sessions waiting to commit these transactions would have to wait far too long. CKPT removes this responsibility from LGWR.
Silverlight main application package (XAP file), Downloaded as a startup package including in-package files such as when the user accesses the AppManifest.xaml, application assembly, and Silverlight application other optional assemblies and resource files Silverlight SDK library files (in-package or ondemand .NET library files such as System.Xml.Linq.dll) Downloaded at runtime when referenced
} class DerivedClass : BaseClass { public new void PrintMessage() { Console.WriteLine("Derived class message"); } } Using the new keyword like this indicates that you want to hide the base method. If you want to call the hidden method from the new method, you can do so using the base keyword and the dot (.) operator with the method name, as shown in Listing 9-32. Listing 9-32. Calling the Hidden Method in the Base Class using System; class BaseClass { public void PrintMessage() { Console.WriteLine("Base class message"); } } class DerivedClass : BaseClass { public new void PrintMessage() { base.PrintMessage(); Console.WriteLine("Derived class message"); } } class Listing 32 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a new instance of the derived class DerivedClass dClass = new DerivedClass(); // print out the message dClass.PrintMessage(); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } You can see the call to the hidden method in the DerivedClass.PrintMessage method. Compiling and running the code in Listing 9-32 produces the following results:
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