Printing data matrix barcodes in C# OVERVIEW OF .NET APPLICATION ARCHITECTURE

The code examples in this chapter use a modified project based on the StockTrader Web service that was presented in s 3 and 4. You will get the most out of the following discussion if you have first reviewed these chapters.
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Full-screen mode and keyboard support
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Adding Custom Properties
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// Return true if the object was removed, // false if it was not found. bool Remove(T t) { changed = true; if (first == nullptr) return false; if (first->item->Equals(t)) { // Remove first from list by // resetting first. first = first->next; return true; } ListNode<T>^ node = first; while(node->next != nullptr) { if (node->next->item->Equals(t)) { // Remove next from list by // leapfrogging it. node->next = node->next->next; return true; } node = node->next; } return false; } property ListNode<T>^ First { ListNode<T>^ get() { return first; } } private: virtual System::Collections::IEnumerator^ GetEnumerator_NG() sealed = System::Collections::IEnumerable::GetEnumerator { return GetEnumerator(); }
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Search engines index it better than a query string version. At the time of writing, Google seems to give a higher precedence to pages with the search term in the URL. It s more readable to humans. If you had a product site it s a lot easier for users to remember an address like http://www.microsoft.com/vs2010/ than http://www.microsoft.com/product/productDetail.aspx id=4563432234. The URL can assist other developers integrating with your application to understand how it works. For example, if you examine the question detail page (as shown in Figure 13-1), you will see the answer posts to /questions/740316/answer. You can probably figure out that 740316 is an ID for the question, and it wouldn t be too tricky to develop an addition to post answers.
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Instancing, Transactions, and Much, Much More
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Parallel recovery: This is the ability of the database to perform instance or even media recovery in parallel in an attempt to reduce the time it takes to recover from failures. Procedural parallelism: This is the ability to run our developed code in parallel. In this chapter, I ll discuss two approaches to this. The first approach involves Oracle running our developed PL/SQL code in parallel in a fashion transparent to developers (developers are not developing parallel code; rather, Oracle is parallelizing their code for them transparently). The other is something I term do-it-yourself parallelism, whereby the developed code is designed to be executed in parallel. We ll take a look at two methods to employ this do-ityourself parallelism, a rather manual implementation valid for Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and before and a new automated method available in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and above.
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Task Scheduler
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Note If there are any positional parameters required by the constructor, they must be placed before any
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