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TIP: You can move mail between these folders on your iPod touch only if you have selected them here to sync. 8. Tap the Email Account Name in the upper left corner (shown as My Gmail in this image) to save your choices and return to the previous screen.
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CHUNK Clause
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Enabling Concurrency Checking
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4.24. Repeating Row Labels
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class Listing 22 { static void Main(string[] args) { // load the XML data XElement rootNode = XElement.Load(@"..\..\data.xml"); IEnumerable<XElement> results = from e in rootNode.Elements() select new XElement(e.Name, new XAttribute("Name", e.Element("Name").Value), new XAttribute("Color", e.Element("Color").Value), new XAttribute("StockLevel", e.Element("StockLevel").Value)); // assign to a root node and print out the XML to the console Console.WriteLine(new XElement("Fruits", results)); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Listing 29-22 uses the Element method to extract information from the range variable and project a new XElement containing the same information but expressed as attributes instead of elements. Compiling and running Listing 29-22 produces the following results: <Fruits> <Fruit Name="Cherry" Color="Red" StockLevel="500" /> <Fruit Name="Apple" Color="Green" StockLevel="230" /> <Fruit Name="Plum" Color="Red" StockLevel="300" /> <Fruit Name="Banana" Color="Yellow" StockLevel="100" /> <Fruit Name="Grape" Color="Green" StockLevel="400" /> </Fruits> Press enter to finish Listing 29-23 changes the name of an element.
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Third Example: Camera at a Specified Point, Arbitrary Rotation
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function Button1_onclick() { var testCar = new AJAXBook.Car('Honda','Pilot','2005'); alert(testCar.get_MakeandModel()); alert(testCar.get_Year()); var testSUV = new AJAXBook.SUV('Honda','Pilot','2005','Active'); alert("SUV Make and Model: " + testSUV.get_MakeandModel()); alert(testSUV.get_Year());
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