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One-click publishing uses IIS remote management services to allow you to publish your application to a remote server with one click. One-click publishing only deploys files that have changed, so is very efficient. To use one-click publishing, you will need a hoster that supports One Click (at the time of writing Discount ASP or OrcsWeb) or, if deploying to your own server, to have IIS remote management services enabled ( One Click is also only available for projects in the VS2010 format. Before we can use one-click publishing we need to configure a number of settings. Right-click on your project and select the Publish option. You will see a screen similar to Figure 10.4.
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Here we have an example of a Rating control with a max number of five stars (as stated by the MaxRating property) with the initial rating set to two stars:
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In this and the next two major sections, we ll look at the three approaches a developer/DBA can use to encrypt data in the database. We ve had an overview of them already; now it is time to look at each in more depth. First up is Manual Application Encryption, which is achieved programmatically using one of two built-in packages: DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT: A package supplied with the database since Oracle 8i, it employs the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Triple DES (3DES) encryption algorithms only. It is also capable of generating MD5 checksums of data. It can only work with RAW and VARCHAR datatypes. It should not be used for two reasons: it is deprecated as of Oracle 10g and above (replaced by the next package in this list) and the name is really hard to type and say out loud. DBMS_CRYPTO: In addition to being much easier to type and say, this is the currently supported encryption API. It supports a broader range of encryption algorithms including DES, 3DES, Rivest Cipher 4 (RC4), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It is also capable of generating a variety of hashes and message authentication codes (MAC) such as MD5, MD4, SHA-1. It is capable of working with RAW, CLOB and BLOB datatypes.
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Wireless LAN
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Invalidating the Client-Side Cache
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Graphics and Graphical User Interfaces
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It is important that companies carefully guard the private key of their official public/private key pair. Otherwise, if untrustworthy people were to obtain it, they could publish code masquerading as the company s code. To avoid this, companies clearly cannot allow free access to the file containing their public/private key pair. In large companies, the final strong naming of an assembly is often performed at the very end of the development process, by a special group with access to the key pair. This can cause problems, though, in the development and testing processes, for several reasons. First, since the public key is one of the four components of an assembly s identity, it can t be set until the public key is supplied. Also, a weakly named assembly cannot be deployed to the GAC. Both the developers and testers need to be able to compile and test the code in the way it will be deployed on release, including its identity and location in the GAC. To allow for this, there is a modified form of assigning a strong name, called delayed signing, or partial signing, that overcomes these problems, but without releasing access to the private key. In delayed signing, the compiler uses only the public key of the public/private key pair. The public key can then be placed in the manifest to complete the assembly s identity. Delayed signing also uses a block of 0s to reserve space for the digital signature. To create a delay-signed assembly, you must do two things. First, create a copy of the key file that has only the public key, rather than the public/private key pair. Next, add an additional attribute called DelaySignAttribute to the assembly scope of the source code and set its value to true.
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Caution Modifying the global build file for the .NET Micro Framework SDK is only advised for experienced
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