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3. Click and drag BlackToWhiteGradient to your new Rectangle in the workspace and let go. 4. Blend will now ask you what property you want to apply Brush1 to; click Fill (see Figure 2-59).
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Routing vs. WS-Addressing
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Read-Only Properties
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nested public (0x00000002). The nested type has public visibility. nested private (0x00000003). The nested type has private visibility; it is not visible outside the enclosing class. nested family (0x00000004). The nested type has family visibility that is, it is visible to descendants of the enclosing class only. nested assembly (0x00000005). The nested type is visible within the assembly only. nested famandassem (0x00000006). The nested type is visible to the descendants of the enclosing class residing in the same assembly. nested famorassem (0x00000007). The nested type is visible to the descendants of the enclosing class either within or outside the assembly and to every type within the assembly with no regard to lineage. Layout flags (binary mask 0x00000018): auto (0x00000000). The type fields are laid out automatically, at the loader s discretion. This is the default. sequential (0x00000008). The loader shall preserve the order of the instance fields. explicit (0x00000010). The type layout is specified explicitly, and the loader shall follow it. (See 9 for information about field declaration.) Type semantics flags (binary mask 0x000005A0): interface (0x00000020). The type is an interface. If this flag is not specified, the type is presumed to be a class or a value type; if this flag is specified, the default parent (the class that is assumed to be the parent if the extends clause is not specified, usually [mscorlib]System.Object) is set to nil. abstract (0x00000080). The class is abstract for example, it has abstract member methods. As such, this class cannot be instantiated and can be used only as a parent of another type or types. This flag is invalid for value types. sealed (0x00000100). No types can be derived from this type. All value types and enumerations must carry this flag. specialname (0x00000400). The type has a special name. How special it is depends on the name itself. This flag indicates to the metadata API and the loader that the name has a meaning in which they might be interested for instance, _Deleted*. Type implementation flags (binary mask 0x00103000): import (0x00001000). The type (a class or an interface) is imported from a COM type library. serializable (0x00002000). The type can be serialized into sequential data by the serializer provided in the Microsoft .NET Framework class library.
Figure 13-1. Types used to implement undo functionality Most of the work occurs in UndoableBase, but BusinessBase and BusinessListBase also include important code for undo functionality. Table 13-1 lists the key types involved in the process.
You spent an hour applying conditional formatting to the data cells in the pivot table, and formatting the numbers as currency. Then you added a data table to the pivot chart, from the Ribbon s Layout tab. The number formatting was displayed correctly, but the conditional formatting didn t appear. You d like to show all the formatting in the data table. This problem is based on the CondFormat.xlsx sample file.
The following statement creates an object and upcasts it to the System.Object type using the object keyword:
Overriding methods can occur between any levels of inheritance. When you use a reference to the base class part of an object to call an overridden method, the method call is passed up the derivation hierarchy for execution, to the most-derived version of the method marked as override. If there are other declarations of the method at higher levels of derivation, which are not marked as override they are not invoked. For example, the following code shows three classes that form an inheritance hierarchy: MyBaseClass, MyDerivedClass, and SecondDerived. All three classes contain a method named Print, with the same signature. In MyBaseClass, Print is labeled virtual. In MyDerivedClass, it is labeled override. In class SecondDerived, you can declare method Print with either override or new. Let s look at what happens in each case. class MyBaseClass // Base class { virtual public void Print() { Console.WriteLine("This is the base class."); } } class MyDerivedClass : MyBaseClass // Derived class { override public void Print() { Console.WriteLine("This is the derived class."); } } class SecondDerived : MyDerivedClass { ... // Given in the following pages } // Most-derived class
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