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Figure 2-19. When your cursor turns into a double-headed arrow, you can then rotate your gradient.
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Raising Events for Windows Forms
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Figure 5-11 shows how the stack frames of each method are placed on the stack when the method is called, and how the stack is unwound as the methods complete.
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10. Move the StackPanel to the center of the workspace. 11. Click the Close Storyboard button, as shown in Figure 2-68.
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internal method calls can obviously overwrite the GetLastError value. To face this problem, the CLR allows managed-to-unmanaged thunks to perform GetLastError-caching. Thunks that perform GetLastError-caching read the GetLastError value after calling the target function and store it in CLR-specific thread local storage (TLS). When managed code calls GetLastError to retrieve the error code, the cached error code is used instead of the real error code returned by GetLastError! To achieve this, the JIT compiler treats P/Invoke metadata for the GetLastError function of kernel32.dll specially. The thunk that is generated for P/Invoke metadata for GetLastError calls FalseGetLastError from mscowks.dll instead of kernel32.dll s GetLastError function. This function returns the cached error value from the CLR-specific TLS. There are two reasons why thunks that update the cached GetLastError value are more expensive than thunks without GetLastError-caching. Obviously, determining the last error value and storing it in TLS takes time. Furthermore, thunks with GetLastError-caching are never inlined, whereas thunks that do not perform GetLastError-caching are usually inlined. (The CLR 2.0 does not inline P/Invoke thunks for functions that return either float or double, even if they do not support GetLastError-caching. However, that special case shall be ignored here.) By default, P/Invoke metadata that is automatically created for functions imported from DLLs have the lasterror flag to ensure that GetLastError works for all Win32 API calls. For native local functions, C++/CLI interoperability automatically generates P/Invoke metadata without the lasterror flag because SetLastError and GetLastError are usually not the preferred error reporting mechanisms for non-Win32 APIs. Since the thunk for fNativeFromDLL performs GetLastError-caching, it is not inlined, in contrast to the thunk for fNativeLocal. This explains the difference in the execution performance of the two thunks. However, you can use the linker command-line option /CLRSUPPORTLASTERROR:NO to instruct the linker to generate P/Invoke metadata without the lasterror flag. I strictly advise against using this option because of the large number of Win32 functions that report error codes via the GetLastError value. If a native function that never touches the GetLastError value is called very often from managed code, and you want to optimize the performance of its thunk, you can define custom P/Invoke metadata instead. The following code shows an example: [System::Security::SuppressUnmanagedCodeSecurity] [System::Runtime::InteropServices::DllImport( "TestLib.dll", EntryPoint="fNativeFromDLL", ExactSpelling="true", SetLastError=false)] void fNativeFromDLL_NoGLE(); While you ll have to write some extra code, this approach will help you avoid the trouble of getting incorrect Win32 error values for all other imported functions, while still benefiting from a fast inlined thunk without the overhead of GetLastError-caching. Notice that the custom P/Invoke function is called fNativeFromDLL_NoGLE instead of just fNativeFromDLL. This prevents naming conflicts with the native function. The information about the entry point s name is provided via the EntryPoint and the ExactSpelling properties of the DllImportAttribute.
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Figure 3-2. Default ASP .NET AJAX-enabled web site solution structure
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of dealing with lots of clients who were not allowed to download binary or compiled programs such as password crackers to test the security of passwords within all of the databases. Often large companies have policies that prevent installation of any software and in particular prevent installation of software such as password crackers. That is not to say that these are not genuine valuable tools to be used by security practitioners; they are. If your company has such a policy, do not download these tools unless you obtain permission in advance to do so.
You can create your own reference types, of course. Some of the most important C# features for doing this are classes (see 6), delegates ( 10), and interfaces ( 12).
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