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<asp:TextBox ID="MessageTextBox" runat="server" Width="200" autocomplete="off" /> <br /><br /> <asp:Panel ID="Panel2" runat="server" CssClass="popupControl"> <div style="border: 1px outset white; width: 100px"> <asp:UpdatePanel runat="server" ID="up2"> <ContentTemplate> <asp:RadioButtonList ID="RadioButtonList1" runat="server" AutoPostBack="true" OnSelectedIndexChanged= "RadioButtonList1_SelectedIndexChanged"> <asp:ListItem Text="Walk dog" /> <asp:ListItem Text="Feed dog" /> <asp:ListItem Text="Feed cat" /> <asp:ListItem Text="Feed fish" />
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Tip One confusing aspect of the TimeSpan struct is that it has a different concept of ticks than the StopWatch class. When using StopWatch, the duration of a tick is defined by the highest resolution timer that the system supports. TimeSpan, however, defines a tick as 100 nanoseconds, always. (There are 10,000,000 nanoseconds in a second).
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In this chapter, you ve seen two types of function members that have get and set accessors: properties and indexers. By default, both a member s accessors have the same access level as the member itself. That is, if a property has an access level of public, then both its accessors have that same access level. The same is true of indexers. You can, however, assign different access levels to the two accessors. For example, the following code shows a common and important paradigm of declaring a private set accessor and a public get accessor. The get is public because the access level of the property is public. Notice in this code that although the property can be read from outside the class, it can only be set from inside the class itself, in this case by the constructor. This is an important tool for encapsulation. class Person { public string Name { get; private set; } public Person( string name ) { Name = name; } } class Program { static public void Main( ) { Person p = new Person( "Capt. Ernest Evans" ); Console.WriteLine( "Person's name is {0}", p.Name ); } } There are several restrictions on the access modifiers of accessors. The most important ones are the following: An accessor can have an access modifier only if the member (property or indexer) has both a get accessor and a set accessor. Although both accessors must be present, only one of them can have an access modifier. The access modifier of the accessor must be strictly more restrictive than the access level of the member.
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Certificate-based keys must be retrieved from the certificate store using their base64 key identifier. WSE ships with a useful utility called the WSE X509 Certificate Tool, which allows you to browse certificates for the Current User and Local Computer certificate stores, and to retrieve base64 key identifier information. Figure 6-2 shows the tool displaying the client private key certificate that is used in the preceding example. Please refer to 5 for more information on certificate installation and the WSE X509 Certificate Tool.
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