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Forms-Based Authentication
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Command objects can be used in many ways. They may be called directly by UI code to execute arbitrary code on the application server, but even more often they are used within other business objects to execute code on the application server. A primary example is when a normal editable business object wants to implement an Exists() command. You ll see an example of this concept in the Project and Resource objects in the Project Tracker reference application.
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3-7. Create a Texture, Define the Color of Each Pixel, Save a Texture to a File
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myBinding.CanExecute += (source, eventArgs) => { eventArgs.CanExecute = checkBox1.IsChecked false; }; // add the binding to the set for this program CommandBindings.Add(myBinding); // set the Content property for the Button controls button1.Content = ApplicationCommands.New.Text; button2.Content = ApplicationCommands.New.Text; } } } The additions to the code file are shown in bold. If you compile and run the program, you ll see that the Button controls now display New, as illustrated by Figure 33-27.
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Immediate or Deferred Deletion
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A C# Program Is a Set of Type Declarations A Type Is a Template Instantiating a Type Data Members and Function Members Predefined Types User-Defined Types The Stack and the Heap Value Types and Reference Types Variables Static Typing and the dynamic Keyword Nullable Types
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A string that represents percent. The number is multiplied by 100. Precision specifier: The number of decimal places.
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#1: Method 1 of Class 1 #2: Method 2 of Class 1 #3: Method 3 of Class 1 #1: Class 1, methods start at #1 #2: Class 2, methods start at #5 #3: Class 3, methods start at #8 #4: Method 4 of Class 1 #5: Method 1 of Class 2 #6: Method 2 of Class 2 #7: Method 3 of Class 2 #8: Method 1 of Class 3 #9: Method 2 of Class 3
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The collection also includes a Friend constructor, thus ensuring that an instance of the object can only be created from within the CSLA .NET framework. Also, though the collection is read-only, it does provide some Friend methods to allow ValidationRules to add and remove items. These methods are used in the CheckRules() methods to ensure that broken rules are only in the list when appropriate: Friend Overloads Sub Add(ByVal rule As RuleMethod) Remove(rule) IsReadOnly = False Add(New BrokenRule(rule)) IsReadOnly = True End Sub Friend Overloads Sub Remove(ByVal rule As RuleMethod) ' we loop through using a numeric counter because ' removing items in a For..Each isn't reliable IsReadOnly = False For index As Integer = 0 To Count - 1 If Me(index).RuleName = rule.RuleName Then RemoveAt(index) Exit For End If Next IsReadOnly = True End Sub The Add() method is pretty straightforward. To avoid possible duplicate object issues, it first ensures that the broken rule isn t already in the list by calling the Remove() method. Then it changes the collection to be read-write, adds the rule to the collection, and sets the collection back to be read-only. While it could just see if the collection contains the broken rule, removing and re-adding the rule is better, because it ensures that the human-readable description for the rule is current. The rule method could have changed the description over time. The Remove() method is a bit more complex. It has to scan through the collection to find a rule with the same rule name. Notice that no exception is thrown if the item isn t in the collection. If it isn t there, that s fine then there s just no need to remove it. There are two other methods in BrokenRulesCollection worth mentioning. Both provide information about the contents of the collection. The GetFirstBrokenRule() method scans the list and returns the first broken rule (if any) for a specified property. You may recall that this method was used in Csla.Core.BusinessBase to implement the IDataErrorInfo interface. The second is an overridden ToString() method that concatenates the human-readable descriptions of all broken rules into a single string value. This too is used in the IDataErrorInfo implementation to return all the errors for the entire object.
I definitely wanted the 3-D top-lit feel shared by any good OS X icon. It needed to sit just slightly off of the interface, so I had to figure out how it should stick. Should I nail it down or hang it from some elaborate rope and hook Call me OCD, but I decided that, since these reports move from left to right, a rope-hung sign would reveal itself for the fake that it was, as it should swing a bit when moved. I went with a single nail to hold the sign firmly in place. To further enhance the feel, I manually made the drop shadow and skewed it a bit to give the impression that the ends of the sign curl up a bit, since the nail pulls the middle tight.
Enhancements in Silverlight 4
Callsite Caching
Listing 5-19. Displaying a Binary Representation of a Numeric Type using System; class Listing 19 { static void Main(string[] args) { // define a byte with a value of 138 byte b = 138; // get the binary representation string br = Convert.ToString(b, 2); // print out the value and the binary representation Console.WriteLine("byte value: {0}, binary {1}", b, br); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } If we compile and run the code in Listing 5-19, we get the following results: byte value: 138, binary 10001010 Press enter to finish You can see that the binary string that is printed matches the content of Figure 5-1. Now that we have discussed how values are stored using bits, we can look at the operators that work on them; the set of C# logical operators is described in Table 5-14. Each of these operators produces an int as the result. Table 5-14. C# Bitwise and Logical Operators
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