Figure 3-22. The DateCalc calculated item refers to the dates by relative position. in Excel

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A typical asynchronous exception is System::Threading::ThreadAbortException, which is thrown to abort a thread. The most obvious way a thread can be aborted is the Thread.Abort API. Version 2.0 of the CLR guarantees that a ThreadAbortException is not thrown inside a catch or a finally block. This feature prevents error handling and cleanup code from being rudely interrupted. If you want to ensure that a ThreadAbortException cannot be thrown between the native call that allocates a native resource and the storage of the native handle in the wrapper class, you can modify your code so that both operations are executed inside a finally block. The following code solves the problem: XYZConnection() { try {} finally { xyzHandle.Handle = ::XYZConnect(); } }
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Console.WriteLine( "{0}, {1}, {2}, {3}", r0, r1, r2, r3 );
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Now this is where things get kind of cool. There is no code behind Login.aspx. This page uses the ASP .NET Login control: <asp:Login ID="Login1" runat="server"> </asp:Login> This control is designed to automatically use the default ASP.NET membership provider for the site.
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Figure 18-2. Converting from a short to an sbyte
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Manipulate the contents of a string. Search the contents of a string.
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For this exercise, you are going to work closely with the marketing director in the KCD Holdings Global Marketing department. As director of the Global Marketing department she has a number of marketing managers reporting to her. Each marketing manager typically handles the details of a specific product launch. In the past, product launches have been difficult and intensive processes involving multiple emails, phone calls, missed deadlines, and an excessive amount of manual tracking. Over the last several months, the director has worked to identify the core tasks that need to be completed in order to ensure a smooth and successful product launch. After she has explained the details to you, you tell her she is faced with two choices: She can oversee each product launch herself and make sure everything is completed properly. She can create a workflow that embodies all of the steps and tasks that have been identified and let the workflow enforce the process. Considering that the various member companies that comprise KCD launch an average of three new products every month, she decides that the second option is probably the right way to go (besides, choosing the first option would mean working many late nights and missing all of those MacGyver reruns). After she shows you her Richard Dean Anderson shrine, you tell her that this workflow is something she can build herself, but that you ll help her out this first time because you happen to think that Stargate SG-1 is a pretty decent show, too. KCD s intranet already has a section dedicated to Global Marketing. The Global Marketing page has a document library dedicated to marketing plans so you don t need to worry about establishing space in which to work. All you need to do is set up the workflow process and attach it to the document library.
6. Peter Coad et al, Java Design: Building Better Apps and Applets, 2nd ed. (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1998), p. 49.
Given that .NET Remoting does not provide an attribute-based programming model and that it fully embraces the distributed object mindset, it is no surprise that it also presents a nontrivial migration path to WCF. Much like Enterprise Services, however, if you carefully implement your Remoting solutions by avoiding specific features of .NET Remoting, you ll enjoy a much easier migration to WCF in the future. Here are a few suggestions: Avoid using .NET Remoting extensibility. .NET Remoting s channel, sink, and formatter objects allow you to extend its behavior. For example, many have used these objects to implement a secure channel that automatically encrypts and decrypts the messages. To migrate to WCF, however, all of this code will need to be rewritten against WCF s extensibility model, which has similar object names but different interfaces and behaviors. Also note that a lot of functionality, such as security, is already implemented in WCF so custom extensions may not be required. Use interfaces for all remoted classes. Split each remoted class into an interface and a class implementation. This not only simplifies deployment today, but it also eases migration to WCF in the future. Strive for a service oriented solution. Although it s difficult if not impossible to implement a pure SO solution using Remoting, taking a few small steps toward SO is relatively easy and can greatly simplify a future migration. These steps include using chunky interfaces, using stateless objects, avoiding Remoting events, and avoiding implicitly returning object references.
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