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Table 5-2. Additional Activities Added by SharePoint (Continued)
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Right-click the web role node and you will see options for clearing the logs and changing the logging level. Left-clicking the web role node will expand it to show all instances of the application running, which are represented by a number of green globes. The black screens on the left show the output from the individual nodes.
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Watching a TV Show
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Figure 6-12. Multilevel DataGrid grouping, grouped by State and City
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The Solution
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Caution When you re repeating the steps to add and configure the activities, remember that our
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Use the static Parallel.ForEach method. Use the static Parallel.For method. Use the Break or Stop methods in the ParallelLoopState class.
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Procedural Parallelism
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When you click the Ringtones tab, you can choose to sync your entire ringtone library or selected items. Ringtones are used for FaceTime calls on the iPod touch. 1. Connect your iPod touch to your computer, start iTunes, and click your iPod touch in the left nav bar. Click the Ringtones tab at the top of the main window. Check the Sync Ringtones box, shown to the right.
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Limitations of Column Encryption
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