Figure 3-7. The pivot table shows units sold to date for each region. in Office Excel

Connect QR Code JIS X 0510 in Office Excel Figure 3-7. The pivot table shows units sold to date for each region.

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Class Structures
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Figure 8-9. Broadband speed of the network used to get the benchmark testing results of Table 8-1
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Notice that in the AutoPInvoke sample used here, the P/Invoke metadata for Beep has the TargetRVA 0000243A. If you add the application s base address, 0x400000, to this TargetRVA, it is obvious that the thunk refers to this simple stub function. If you compile this file with /clr:pure, the metadata will no longer contain information about a TargetRVA. Instead of a local address, the pinvokeimpl specifier contains another piece of information, as the following ILASM output shows. .method public static pinvokeimpl("KERNEL32.dll" lasterr stdcall) int32 Beep( uint32 modopt([mscorlib]System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IsLong) A_0, uint32 modopt([mscorlib]System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IsLong) A_1 ) cil managed preservesig {
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPod touch with iTunes
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Execution constraints give you the possibility to monitor whether a certain operation is completed within a determined amount of time. The execution time is monitored by a background thread. After an operation is completed, the monitoring is stopped by uninstalling the execution constraint.
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If the method name and signature are specified, the last closing parenthesis of the signature should be omitted (a known bug in the IL disassembler 2.0). For example, /ITEM="Foo::Bar(void(int32,string)" produces the disassembly of a single method, void Foo::Bar(int32,string). /STATS. Include statistics of the image file (as comments). /CLASSLIST. Include the list of classes defined in the module (as comments). /ALL. Combine the /HEADER, /BYTES, /TOKENS, /CLASSLIST, and /STATS options.
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.field public static valuetype MultiDword multi_dword ... ldc.i1.1 ldsflda valuetype MultiDword multi_dword // Load reference to the field // As instance of MultiDword stfld uint8 MultiDword::b3 // Set value of third byte
1.676155 1.676281 1.676328 1.877692 1.878241 1.878336 1.878382 1.878465 1.878580 1.878624 1.878757 1.878800 1.878915 1.878961 1.879088 1.879134 2.080452 2.081029 2.081117 2.283257 2.469999
The Content Pipeline
In this chapter you have seen how to use the .NET Framework class library to measure small amounts of time, represent periods of time, and represent moments in time. These are features that most programmers use frequently. One of the features I like most in the way that .NET and C# represent times and dates is the custom operators, which make comparing and combining dates and periods simple and elegant.
B*Tree indexes are by far the most common and well-understood indexing structures in the Oracle database. They are an excellent general-purpose indexing mechanism. They provide very scalable access times, returning data from a 1,000-row index in about the same amount of time as a 100,000-row index structure. When to index and what columns to index are things you need to pay attention to in your design. An index does not always mean faster access; in fact, you will find that indexes will decrease performance in many cases if Oracle uses them. It is purely a function of how large of a percentage of the table you will need to access via the index and how the data happens to be laid out. If you can use the index to answer the question, accessing a large percentage of the rows makes sense, since you are avoiding the extra scattered I/O to read the table. If you use the index to access the table, you will need to ensure you are processing a small percentage of the total table. You should consider the design and implementation of indexes during the design of your application, not as an afterthought (as I so often see). With careful planning and due consideration of how you are going to access the data, the indexes you need will be apparent in most all cases.
ldstr "Two" stelem.ref ldc.i4.2 ldstr "Three" stelem.ref #ifdef CALL_VIA_INVOKE call !!0 Invoke<string>(method !!0*(!!0[]), !!0[]) #else ldftn !!0 GetMedian<string>(!!0[]) calli string(string[]) #endif call PrintString ret }
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