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5. The data portal does one of the following: If no ObjectFactory attribute is specified, the DataPortal_Fetch() method is called; this is where the business object implements data access code to retrieve the object s data from the database. If an ObjectFactory is specified, the data portal will create an instance of a factory object and will invoke a specified fetch method on that factory object. This method is responsible for creating an instance of the business object and implementing data access code to load it with data from the database. 6. The business object is returned. If there is no ObjectFactory attribute on the business class, from the business object s perspective, two methods are called, as follows: The default constructor DataPortal_Fetch() Figure 4-9 illustrates the process.
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We ll look more at local variable in the Understanding Method Bodies section later in the chapter. In the previous statement, I specify the parameters using the numeric literals feature, which is discussed in 5. Listing 9-8 demonstrates using the methods we defined in Listing 9-7. Listing 9-8. Using Methods class Listing 08 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a new instance of my class MyClass mc = new MyClass(); // call the methods in the MyClass instance int result1 = mc.CalculateProduct(10, 50);
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The World Clock App
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Now that the lowdown changes are out of the way, lets look at some of the new types in .NET 4.0 and modifications to existing classes and methods.
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5-5. Store Your Vertices in a DynamicVertexBuffer for Frequently Updated Data
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TransactionManager DialogManager
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The BindingSourceRefresh control is also an extender control, but its purpose is quite different from the ReadWriteAuthorization control. It turns out that there s a quirk in the way Windows Forms data binding works. The BindingSourceRefresh control helps work around this quirk. The quirk is that when data is changed in a business object, data binding doesn t always display the changes in the controls on the form. This occurs in the following sequence of events: 1. The user edits a value in a bound control. 2. Data binding puts the user s new value into the business object. 3. The business object alters the value in the property Set block. 4. The business object raises its PropertyChanged event. You would expect that data binding would handle the PropertyChanged event, realize that the property s data has changed, and then update the control with the new value. And that does happen for all controls except the current control. In other words, the PropertyChanged event causes data binding to refresh all other controls on the form except the control that initiated the change in the first place. Obviously, this can be problematic. Consider a TextBox control that is bound to a business object property that uses a SmartDate. I ll discuss SmartDate in 16, but one of its features is to accept the + character as input and to replace it with tomorrow s date. Because of this data binding quirk, when the user enters a + character, that value is put into the business object, which translates it to tomorrow s date but that new value is not displayed to the user. The user continues to see the + character. What s even more confusing for users is that if they edit a different control, then the date text box control will be updated with tomorrow s date. Remember that data binding updates everything except the current control when it gets a PropertyChanged event. This is the problem BindingSourceRefresh is intended to solve. It does so by interacting with the BindingSource control that manages the data binding for a given business object. While ReadWriteAuthorization extends controls like TextBox and Label, BindingSourceRefresh extends BindingSource controls. The plumbing code in this control is virtually identical to ReadWriteAuthorization, so I won t walk through all the details of the control. This control extends only BindingSource controls, and if it is enabled, it hooks the BindingComplete event raised by the BindingSource control. This event is raised by a BindingSource control after all controls have had their values updated through data binding well, all controls except the current one, of course. The Control_BindingComplete() method takes the extra step of forcing the BindingSource control to refresh the value for the current binding as well.
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In 2, you saw how a service can be directly consumed in a client application through a script-based proxy. You can use the ScriptManager control to reference this using the <Services> child tag. This tag should contain one or more <asp:ServiceReference> tags that specify the service you want to reference. This tag has two attributes:
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Access Modifiers
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You can change all or part of the Row Grand Total text or the Column Grand Total text by typing over the cell or editing in the cell or formula bar.
The first step in building our workflow is to add the activities we will need. By default, Visual Studio will show the default WF activities in the Toolbox. If it does not show the SharePoint activities for your installation, you ll need to add them manually. These activities are stored in the \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\ISAPI \Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions.dll assembly. See the sidebar Managing Activities in the Toolbox for information on how to add the activities to your Toolbox. I generally like to add all of my activities to the Designer canvas and set the (Name) property so that each has a unique name, and then go back and set the rest of properties at the end. This allows me to keep my focus on getting my process correct as I build the model and then go back and fill in the details.
Earlier in the chapter I discussed BusinessBase(Of T) and its base class, BusinessBase. The BusinessBase class is the non-generic base class for all editable root and child objects.
programmatically as well. Before we do, though, we need to add a couple of references to the DLLs that make Behaviors possible. These DLLs are: the System.Windows.Interactivity.dll and the Microsoft.Expression.Interactions.dll. Let s add those now in Visual Studio.
1. Select the color handle for the gradient color you want to change (as shown by the arrow in
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