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invoked by an entirely different method in an entirely different object. Compiling and running the code in Listing 10-23 produces the following result: Result 0 = 0 Result 1 = 1 Result 2 = 4 Result 3 = 9 Result 4 = 16 calculationCount: 5 Press enter to finish Variables that are accessed outside the anonymous method are called captured variables. The calculationCount variable in Listing 10-23 was captured by the anonymous method. An anonymous method that captures variables is called a closure. Captured variables are evaluated when the delegate is invoked, which means that you should take care when making assumptions about the value of a variable. Listing 10-24 provides a demonstration. Listing 10-24. Evaluating Captured Variables using System; class Listing 24 { static void Main(string[] args) { // define a variable that will be captured string message = "Hello World"; // define an anonymous method that will capture // the local variables Action printMessage = delegate() { Console.WriteLine("Message: {0}", message); }; // modify one of the local vaiables message = "Howdy!"; // invoke the delegate printMessage(); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } When the anonymous method is defined, the value of the message variable is Hello World. But defining an anonymous method doesn t capture the variables it references that doesn t happen until
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Probably the simplest of the ASP .NET AJAX server controls is the Timer control. Similar in many ways to the Timer control that has existed for some time for Winforms, the Timer control provides a simple-to-use timer functionality that can be configured to perform operations repeatedly based on the time elapsed. Therefore, you can run certain operations at a regular interval in a synchronous or asynchronous manner without having to do a manual page refresh. This can come in handy in many scenarios for web applications.
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Many developers (OK, I might have done this, too) have written code such as the following: try { // do something that may fail } catch(System.exception e) { ... } This is almost always a very naughty way to write code because all exceptions will be hidden. Hiding exceptions you don t know about is rarely a good thing, and if you do know about them, you should inevitably be handling them in a better way. Additionally, there are some exceptions that should never be caught (even by lazy developers) such as lowdown beardy stuff such as access violations and calls to illegal instructions. These exceptions are potentially so dangerous that it s best to just shut down the application as quick as possible before it can do any further damage. So in .NET 4.0, corrupted state exceptions will never be caught even if you specify a try a catch block. However, if you do want to enable catching of corrupted state exceptions application-wide (e.g., to route them to an error-logging class), you can add the following setting in your applications configuration file: LegacyCorruptedStateExceptionsPolicy=true This behavior can also be enabled on individual methods with the following attribute: [HandleProcessCorruptedStateExceptions]
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Listing 15-7. Completing the Heirarchy SQL> select owner,name,type 2 from dba_dependencies 3 where referenced_name="CCNAME" 4 and owner="ORABLOG" 5 / no rows selected SQL> select owner,name,type 2 from dba_dependencies 3 where referenced_name="CCEXP" 4 and owner="ORABLOG" 5 / no rows selected SQL> select owner,name,type 2 from dba_dependencies 3 where referenced_name="CREPORT" 4 and referenced_owner="ERIC" 5 / Owner Name Type -------------------- -------------------- ---------------ERIC CC_LIST_CC PROCEDURE 1 row selected. SQL> select owner,name,type 2 from dba_dependencies 3 where referenced_name="CC_LIST_CC" 4 and referenced_owner="ERIC" 5 / no rows selected SQL> All of the objects in the hierarchy have now been located. The next step is to look at the privilege model for each of the objects displayed within the hierarchy. These include CCNAME, CREPORT, CCEXP, and CC_LIST_CC. So use the get_tab2.sql script again as shown in Listing 15-8. Listing 15-8. Review the Remaining Privileges SQL> @get_tab2 get_tab2: Release - Production on Thu Aug 27 18:32:58 2009 Copyright (c) 2004,2009, Limited. All rights reserved.
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The CLR, the BCL, and C# have all been designed to be thoroughly object-oriented and act as a well-integrated environment. The system provides a consistent, object-oriented model of programming for both local programs and distributed systems. It also provides a software development interface for both application programming and web development, consistent across a broad range of targets, from servers to cell phones.
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View and send email.
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// Variable for the actual parameter // Method call
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Workflow and Activities As Classes
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