Figure 2-8. Filter for a specific date range in Office Excel

Paint Denso QR Bar Code in Office Excel Figure 2-8. Filter for a specific date range

In play mode, you can activate additional controls by tapping the screen anywhere on the album cover. You ll then see an additional slider (the scrubber bar) at the top, along with the symbols for Repeat, Shuffle, and Genius.
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Every local index partition of a partitioned table has an index tree. Synthetic values are distributed between these index leaf scalability blocks, improving scalability.
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The <message> element describes a SOAP message, which may be an input, an output, or a fault message for a Web service operation. A SOAP message is subdivided into parts that are represented by <part> child elements and that document the types that are included in the SOAP message. For example, consider a Web method called RequestQuote. It accepts a stock ticker symbol and returns a complex XML Quote message, which contains multiple levels of detail, including the opening and closing prices of the stock, as well as long-term statistics such as 52-week high and low values. A client that expects to use the RequestQuote method does not care how this Web method is implemented. However, the client does need to know the structure of the messages for communicating with the Web method (or operation, as it is referred to in WSDL).
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Control files are fairly small files (they can grow up to 64MB or so in extreme cases) that contain a directory of the other files Oracle needs. The parameter file tells the instance where the control files are, and the control files tell the instance where the database and online redo log files are. The control files also tell Oracle other things, such as information about checkpoints that have taken place, the name of the database (which should match the db_name parameter in the parameter file), the timestamp of the database as it was created, an archive redo log history (this can make a control file large in some cases), RMAN information, and so on. Control files should be multiplexed either by hardware (RAID) or by Oracle when RAID or mirroring is not available. More than one copy should exist, and the copies should be stored on separate disks to avoid losing them in case you have a disk failure. It is not fatal to lose your control files it just makes recovery that much harder. Control files are something a developer will probably never have to actually deal with. To a DBA, they are an important part of the database, but to a software developer they are not really relevant.
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to apply the MouseDragElementBehavior Behavior to. Do that now so that you have what I have in Figure 7-8.
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You can also add anonymous method event handlers, just as with delegates. For example, the following code adds an anonymous method to the event and then sleeps for a little more than 2 seconds. The event is raised twice in that time. Anonymous method mc.Elapsed += delegate(object obj, EventArgs e) { Console.WriteLine("This is the anonymous method."); }; Semicolon required Thread.Sleep(2250); } This code produces the following output: This is the anonymous method. This is the anonymous method.
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Gets or sets the CSS class for this control. Gets or sets the enablement of this control. Reads the current CSS style for the control. Gets or sets the position of this control in the tab index. This is the position that it occupies when the user moves through the UI using the Tab key. Gets or sets the visibility of the control. If this is false, you will not see the control. This can be set to Hide so the control is not seen or to Collapse so the control is minimized to its top label. If the current record is the last one in the record set, then you cannot move to the next record, and this will be false; otherwise, it will be true. If the current record is the first one in the record set, then you cannot move to the previous record, and this will be false; otherwise, it will be true. This is a Sys.Data.DataTable that contains the complete set of data that is currently loaded into the ListView control. This is returned by a select query against the underlying data source. Specifies the index of the currently selected item in the data source. Specifies the currently selected row on the data source. Specifies the number of rows in the data table within the data property. As this control renders a range of items, you can create a different style for alternating rows, giving a striped appearance that makes it easier to distinguish the data from different rows. You specify that using a CSS class with this property. This specifies how the range of items will be laid out. It is implemented in Atlas Script using the child tag <layoutTemplate> that specifies the HTML for how the bound controls will appear. This specifies the CSS for individual items within the range. It is complemented by alternatingItemCssClass. Specifies the template for the items that will be rendered within the ItemView control. It uses the <itemTemplate> child tag within Atlas Script, and each <itemTemplate> will contain a number of child controls. Specifies what to render within the ListView control if there are no records within the data. Specifies the CSS class for the selected item. Can be used to highlight the selected item against the range of existing items. This specifies how columns will be visually separated. Defines the HTML code for the column separators. Complements separatorCssClass.
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