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Introducing the DataSource Control
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State Machine Workflows
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all its own. If a user does not have the Silverlight runtime plug-in installed, (s)he will be automatically prompted to install it upon browsing the Silverlight application.
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How to Secure Your iPod touch with a Passcode
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Sorting Arrays
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Creating Nongeneric Events
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Figure 4-10. Creating a root object with an object factory The RunLocal attribute can be applied to methods of an object factory and will have the same effect as it would on DataPortal_Fetch(), assuming the assembly containing the object factory class is deployed to the client workstation. It s important to note that the root object s DataPortal_Fetch() or factory object s fetch method is responsible not only for loading the business object s data but also for starting the process of loading the data for its child objects. The key thing to remember is that the data for the entire object, including its child objects, is retrieved when the root object is retrieved. This avoids having to go back across the network to retrieve each child object s data individually. Though the root object gets the data, it s up to each child object to populate itself based on that data. The exception to this is if you choose to use lazy loading to load a child object or collection later in the root object s lifetime. In that case you would not load the child in the root object s DataPortal_ Fetch() or factory object s fetch method. Instead you d leave the child field with a null value at this point. Let s dive one level deeper and discuss how child objects load their data.
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Best Practices and Myths
Tip If you don t need to retrieve default values from the database, you could have the collection object create the child object directly, using the new keyword. For consistency, however, it s better to stick with the factory method approach so that all objects are created the same way.
Figure 5-3. The lifetime of a local variable
To remove an attribute, you can select the attribute and use the Remove method or use the SetAttributeValue method on its parent and set the attribute value to null. The following code demonstrates both methods: static void Main( ) { XDocument xd = new XDocument( new XElement("root", new XAttribute("color", "red"), new XAttribute("size", "large"), new XElement("first") ) ); XElement rt = xd.Element("root"); rt.Attribute("color").Remove(); rt.SetAttributeValue("size", null); Console.WriteLine(xd); } This code produces the following output: <root> <first /> </root> // Get the element. // Remove the color attribute. // Remove the size attribute.
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