Explained. SQL> select * from table(dbms_xplan.display);
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The implementation code for the SOAPService RequestQuote method is shown in Listing 8-12. The most important aspect of this code listing is the SoapActor attribute, which decorates the Web service class (shown in bold). This attribute designates the specific recipient of the message response, in this case the SOAP router, which will in turn pass the response back to the original sender. If the SoapActor attribute is not provided, the Web service request will generate an addressing error upon receipt, because the most recent sender of the request (the SOAP router) will not match the first sender and ultimate recipient of the response (the SOAP sender). The SoapActor attribute allows for messages to be accepted by services after passing through intermediaries. If you ever need to drop the SOAPRouter, and wish instead to call the StockTrader Web service directly, make sure to change the SoapActor attribute value to the URL of the Web service itself, in this case: http://localhost/SOAPService/StockTrader.asmx. Listing 8-12. The SOAPService RequestQuote Method using Microsoft.Web.Services3; using Microsoft.Web.Services3.Messaging; [SoapActor("http://localhost/SOAPRouter/StockTrader.asmx")] public class StockTraderService : Microsoft.Web.Services3.WebService { public Quote RequestQuote(string Symbol) { // Step 1: Instance a new Quote object Quote q = new Quote();
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Note Unlike C and C++, each switch section must end with a break or return statement. In C#, there
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Note For you purists out there, yes, XAML is, at its core, simply a schema for defining objects and their
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Figure 5-1. Lifetime of a command object
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At the time of writing the first beta of Silverlight 4.0 has just been released. (I don t envy Silverlight authors; their books must have the shortest lifespan in the world.) I have summarized some of the important changes here: Printing support (yay!) MEF support New controls: TextBox with hyperlink, masked TextBox, DataGrid with copy/paste functionality Webcam and microphone support Copy-and-paste functionality Mouse wheel support Google Chrome support Performance optimizations Multitouch support For trusted applications, read/write to documents folders, run other desktop programs (e.g., Microsoft Office suite) New interface for requesting more privileges for applications Localization enhancements (right-to-left text and complex scripts)
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One of the biggest limitations of web applications has always been that they are not dynamic and responsive. For example, consider the case of implementing a simple financial portal. When you change the company you want to inspect, several areas of the page update to display the new company s information. Consider the scenario where the user decides he wants to see more detailed information on the current company and clicks the button to retrieve it. You want this new information to appear on the same page but don t want to refresh the whole page to get it you just want it to appear. Even if the round-trip to the web server is fast, the entire page will blink as the new data is rendered. The browser will clear and redraw the entire page, even though most of it doesn t change. Using AJAX, you can implement a solution that simply displays a visual indicator that the data is being loaded while it is being retrieved in the background. Although the operation of retrieving and displaying the data takes about the same amount of time, the second example provides a much more dynamic look and feel. The user is still in control while the data is being retrieved. At any time, he can enter the code for a new company and retrieve its information without waiting for the first company s data to be loaded. AJAX applications typically use HTML, JavaScript, and the associated technologies DHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to build UIs. When the interfaces need to change dynamically, a call to the server is usually made using the XMLHttpRequest object. The server returns new HTML markup for the bit of the page that needs to be updated, which gets inserted into the DOM and re-rendered by the browser. Part of the problem with this approach is that it doesn t provide a clean separation of the presentation and the business logic. The server that manages the data also generates the UI, and the presentation layer (e.g., the browser) dumbly inserts what the server dispatches to it. For example, the server could generate HTML markup for a table that displays data for the company selected by the user. Of course, the server could simply send the data instead of the HTML markup, but it is generally more onerous to have JavaScript parse data and generate the HTML than it is to generate the HTML on the server side where you can use the power of Visual Studio and C# or VB .NET or indeed Java and any Java IDE. ASP.NET AJAX follows the model in which the data is managed on the server, where it belongs, and the presentation, after the initial rendering, is handled by the components and controls that run within the browser. Controls and components are higher-level abstractions that fall into two categories: Components are reusable building blocks that can be created programmatically using client-side script. Controls are server controls, which are rendered as HTML and the JavaScript that provides the functionality of the UI.
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If you have multiple email accounts set up on your iPod touch, you should set one of them usually, the one you use most as your Default Account. When you select Compose from the Email screen, the default account is always chosen. Follow these steps to change the email account you send from by default:
When the client-side DataPortal calls the server-side data portal, several types of information are passed from client to server. Obviously, the data method call (Create, Update, Insert, etc.) itself is transferred from client to server. But other information is also included, as follows: Client-side context data (such as the client machine s culture setting) Application-wide context data (as defined by the application) The user s principal and identity security objects (if using custom security)
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