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ou ve been using properties throughout the text, and you looked at an example of an event in 2. This chapter will go into a bit more detail on properties and events, and will also discuss some features of operators unique to C++/CLI, including static operators and how conversion operators work in C++/CLI vs. classic C++. You ll also learn about casts and conversions.
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When this code is run, the system displays the following error message:
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Members marked internal are visible to all the classes in the assembly, but not to classes outside the assembly, as shown in Figure 7-19.
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If Not _disposedValue Then If disposing Then ' free unmanaged resources End If ' free shared unmanaged resources End If _disposedValue = True End Sub Public Sub Dispose() Dispose(True) GC.SuppressFinalize(Me) End Sub Protected Overrides Sub Finalize() Try Dispose(False) Finally MyBase.Finalize() End Try End Sub End Class The UI code can now call the object s Dispose() method (or employ a Using statement) when it has finished using the object, at which point the object will release its expensive resources.
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For more than a decade, Microsoft has included some kind of data binding capability in its development tools. Data binding allows developers to create forms and populate them with data with almost no custom code. The controls on a form are bound to specific fields from a data source (such as a DataSet or a business object). With .NET 2.0, Microsoft has dramatically improved data binding for both Windows Forms and Web Forms. The primary benefits or drivers for using data binding in .NET development include the following: Data binding offers good performance, control, and flexibility. Data binding can be used to link controls to properties of business objects. Data binding can dramatically reduce the amount of code in the UI. Data binding is sometimes faster than manual coding, especially when loading data into list boxes, grids, or other complex controls. Of these, the biggest single benefit is the dramatic reduction in the amount of UI code that must be written and maintained. Combined with the performance, control, and flexibility of .NET data binding, the reduction in code makes it a very attractive technology for UI development. In both Windows Forms and Web Forms, data binding is read-write, meaning that an element of a data source can be bound to an editable control so that changes to the value in the control will be updated back into the data source as well. Data binding in .NET 2.0 is very powerful. It offers good performance with a high degree of control for the developer. Given the coding savings gained by using data binding, it s definitely a technology that needs to be supported in the business object framework.
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Figure 7-11. Trying to assign a new meaning to a familiar button causes confusion.
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Design Patterns for SOAP Messaging with WS-Addressing and Routing
Use the AsOrdered extension method
need to explicitly enable CLR Integration by executing the query sp_configure 'clr enabled', 1.
OnWorkflowActivated OnWorkflowItemChanged OnWorkflowItemDeleted SetState SendEmail UpdateAllTasks
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