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Development qr-codes in visual C# Figure 7-1. Parsing and optimizing process

Listing 4-8. Sorting Table Elements
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Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation. Controls.Image Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation. Controls.Control Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation. Controls.ContentControl Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation. Controls.Border Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation. Controls.ListBox Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation. Controls.ListBoxItem
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Creative Round-Tripping
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In the contact information, touch the email address of the contact you d like to use. You ll see that the Mail program launches automatically with the contact s name in the To: field of the email message. Type and send the message.
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Subscribing to an Event
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1 2 ... 342,023
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You can set options for the pivot table to make the heading rows and labels appear on every page when you print the pivot table. There are two settings to change:
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"red"), "small")), "red"), "medium")), "blue"), "large")))); // Display XML tree // Save XML tree
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Multicast Support
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case 2: // fire lasers! gMingon[gAttacker].armour -= (20 + rnd(20)); gCombatPage = COMBAT_LASERS; // PEW PEW PEW ! gArmour = max(0,gArmour - 5 - rnd(5)); gBatteries = max(0,gBatteries - 1); printf( PEW PEW PEW!\n"); break; case 3: // fire missiles if(gMissiles > 0) { gMingon[gAttacker].armour -= (50 + rnd(20)); gArmour = max(0,gArmour - 5 - rnd(5)); gMissiles--; gCombatPage = COMBAT_MISSILES; } // whoosh! printf( WHOOOSH!\n"); break; case 4: // RUN! gLocationX = rnd(MAP_SIZE); gLocationY = rnd(MAP_SIZE); gBatteries = min(gBatteries,rnd(5) + 10); gCombatPage = COMBAT_WHOOP;
Meaning in Life
dbms_stats.prepare_column_values(srec, c_array); dbms_stats.set_column_stats( ownname => user, tabname => "t1", colname => "v1", distcnt => m_distcnt, density => m_density, nullcnt => m_nullcnt, srec => srec, avgclen => m_avgclen ); end; / Reading through the anonymous PL/SQL block, you can see that I ve defined a few variables, including two variables of array types defined in the dbms_stats package. In 10g, the package also has array types for numeric types, date types, raw types, floats, and doubles. The simple variables have names that match the parameter names in the set_column_stats() procedure, and are also similar to the names of the columns they will ultimately populate in the view dba_tab_colums, but there are other columns in the view that are derived from the arrays that you supply. In particular, the low_value and high_value are derived from the first and last entries in the arrays, respectively. If you check the script that generates the dbms_stats package, you will find that the stats record (srec) includes three arrays that correspond to the three data columns in the view dba_tab_histograms (endpoint_number, endpoint_value, and endpoint_actual_value). If you want to generate a frequency histogram, you have to supply a set of values for the bkvals array, and these are used in the endpoint_number column. If you don t supply a set of values for the bkvals array, Oracle assumes you are supplying the boundary values for a height-balanced histogram. The array that you supply as the second parameter to the prepare_column_stats procedure is represented numerically in the endpoint_value column, and if this array is of character type,
using Microsoft.Web.Services2; using Microsoft.Web.Services2.Security; using Microsoft.Web.Services2.Security.Tokens; // Retrieve the SoapContext for the outgoing SOAP request message StockTraderServiceWse serviceProxy = new StockTraderServiceWse(); // Retrieve the X509 certificate from the CurrentUserStore certificate store X509SecurityToken token = GetSigningToken(); // Add signature element to a security section on the request to sign the request serviceProxy.RequestSoapContext.Security.Tokens.Add( token ); serviceProxy.RequestSoapContext.Security.Elements.Add( new MessageSignature( token ) );
The DataPortal_Create() method is called by the data portal when it is asked to create a new Project object. In some cases, this method will load the new object with default values from the database, and in simpler cases, it may load hard-coded defaults or set no defaults at all. The Project object has no need for loading default values, so the DataPortal_Create() method simply loads some default, hard-coded values rather than talking to the database: <RunLocal()> _ Private Overloads Sub DataPortal_Create(ByVal criteria As Criteria) mId = Guid.NewGuid Started = CStr(Today) ValidationRules.CheckRules() End Sub The method is decorated with the <RunLocal()> attribute because it doesn t do any data access, but rather sets hard-coded or calculated default values. If the method did load default values from the database, then the <RunLocal()> attribute would not be applied, causing the data portal to run the code on the application server. With the <RunLocal()> attribute on the method, the data portal short-circuits its processing and runs this method locally.
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