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Switch<T> and FlowSwitch
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Caution The RSA cipher data is longer than the original data. After decryption, the byte array with the
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When creating the consumer with Visual Studio, the consumer-side proxy class is created automatically for
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At this point, I ve discussed some of the business object features that the framework will support. One of the key reasons for providing these features is to make the business object support Windows- and web-style user experiences with minimal work on the part of the UI developer. In fact, this should be an overarching goal when you re designing business objects for a system. The UI developer should be able to rely on the objects to provide business logic, data, and related services in a consistent manner. Beyond all the features already covered are the issues of creating new objects, retrieving existing data, and updating objects in some data store. I ll discuss the process of object persistence later in the chapter, but first this topic should be considered from the UI developer s perspective. Should the UI developer be aware of any application servers Should they be aware of any database servers Or should they simply interact with a set of abstract objects There are three broad models to choose from: UI-in-charge Object-in-charge Class-in-charge To a greater or lesser degree, all three of these options hide information about how objects are created and saved and allow us to exploit the native capabilities of .NET. In the end, I ll settle on the option that hides the most information (keeping development as simple as possible) and best allows you to exploit the features of .NET.
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The Game Code for the Physics Simulation Sample
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Example Using the IComparable Interface code 39 check character
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You can do this relatively easily. In the Process method, first add a line that indicates the file containing the extra asset you need. In this case, it s the image holding the grass texture. Next, specify which processor you want to use to process the asset. Because it s simply a 2D image, you specify the default texture processor: ExternalReference<TextureContent> grassAsset = new ExternalReference<TextureContent>(""); TextureContent grass = context.BuildAndLoadAsset<TextureContent, TextureContent>(grassAsset, "TextureProcessor"); As a result, you now have a TextureContent object, which can be serialized and deserialized into a Texture2D object, ready to be used by your Terrain!
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4.27. Changing Alignment for Merged Labels
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Secure Web Services with WS-Security
Right-click the ~/Views/Film directory and select Add New View. Name the view All and click OK (ASP.NET MVC does have some nice functionality to automate creation of CRUD operations such as list and edit forms, which you will look at shortly). Replace the Content2 Content tag with the following code: <asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="MainContent" runat="server"> <a href="<%= "Create/" %>">Create</a> <br /><br /> <% foreach (13.BobsMoviesMVC.Models.Film Film in (IEnumerable<13.BobsMoviesMVC.Models.Film>)Model) { %> <a href="<%= "Detail/" + Film.FilmID %>"> <%= Film.Title %> </a>     <%= Html.ActionLink("[Edit]", "Edit", new { id = Film.FilmID })%>   <%= Html.ActionLink("[Edit JSON]", "EditJSON", new {id=Film.FilmID})%>   <%= Html.ActionLink("[Delete]", "Delete", new {id=Film.FilmID})%> <br /> <% } %> </asp:Content>
Figure 2-12. State Machine workflow with flow shown Now that the first State Machine workflow is built, it s time to test it. First, open the Module1.vb file and add msgbox("Workflow Complete") after WaitHandle.WaitOne() within Sub Main: Shared Sub Main() Dim workflowRuntime As New WorkflowRuntime() AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowCompleted, AddressOf OnWorkflowCompleted AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowTerminated, AddressOf OnWorkflowTerminated Dim workflowInstance As WorkflowInstance workflowInstance = workflowRuntime.CreateWorkflow(GetType(Workflow1)) workflowInstance.Start() WaitHandle.WaitOne() MsgBox("Workflow Complete") End Sub When the workflow is done, this message box will appear to show you that the workflow has completed. Return to the State Composition View. From this view, you can set a breakpoint that allows you to step through each activity in the workflow. To do this, right-click the FirstState State activity and choose Breakpoint, then Insert Breakpoint. Debug the workflow, and the console window appears. The FirstState State activity is highlighted in yellow (this might take a few seconds). Hit the F11 key to step through. The EventDrivenActivity1 activity is now being executed; more specifically, the DelayActivity within the EventDrivenActivity1 activity is being executed. When the DelayActivity is completed (the execution has paused for 30 seconds), the EventDrivenActivity1 activity will be highlighted in yellow to show it s the active activity. Hit the F11 key again and see the DelayActivity
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